Correct spelling for FLODERS

We think the word floders is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for floders

  • flanders After mature Deliberation, it was agreed, that he and his two companions who went over with him, should take a trip to Paris; and in order to secure a place of retreat, upon any Emergency, Mrs. Ross should go to Furnes, a town in Flanders, in the Jurisdiction of the Queen of Hungary, where they would come to her on their return.
  • folder You take these," he handed Lee a thick manila folder, "and tell the girl Dr. Gorss sent you for your interview."
  • Flooder
  • Floods It is a mile from the cold weather channel, but in high floods the waters have often come almost up to the Fort.
  • Floors I gave Madame X. C. V. my arm, and she had the satisfaction of looking into every room in the five floors of the house, but what she sought for was not there, and I expected to see her overwhelmed with grief.
  • Flounders The flounders now were safely stretched aloft again, but the last time Jo remembered seeing them they were lying in the dust.
  • alders A stone, loosened from the hillside, had rolled to their feet; there was a crackling in the alders on the slope above them.
  • elders Rose stood there, dizzy, out of breath, with her hair blown across her cheek and looked away, at the curving valley and its river gleaming here and there through the willows and elders.
  • flatters In the first fourteen lines, he flatters Severus by saying that so good a poet hardly needs to receive verse from someone else; in the twenty-four lines that follow he describes how his poetry, because of the conditions at Tomis, is now less abundant and of poorer quality than before.
  • fliers "New York City sends six fliers to rescue Jeter and Eyer.
  • flowers So they went into a field and began to pick flowers.
  • flutes Many a trumpet rang out passing loud, and the noise of drums and flutes did grow so great that the broad town of Worms reechoed with the sound.
  • floats In rubbing together and struggling with the shepherds and their assistants a good deal of wool is torn from the sheep and floats down the current.
  • folds Her face was warm with color, and she wore an exquisite dress, simple as a uniform, yet falling into graceful soft folds about her feet.
  • holders I told him I thought it was a great pity that the Presidents of the United States and other holders of great offices did not encourage young men of brains and also of great possessions, coming from families with great influence, local or social, to become, when young, private secretaries.
  • falters My step falters as I approach the scales, and I sway dizzily.
  • flutters The image of the fair man with the deep-blue eyes melts away entirely, and a gray cloud flutters between you and the other one with the black beard.
  • filters Long rows of shelves and cabinets filled with chemicals line the room; a profusion of retorts, alembics, filters, and other chemical apparatus on numerous tables and stands, greet the eye, while a corps of experimenters may be seen busy in the preparation of various combinations, some of which are boiling or otherwise cooking under their dexterous manipulation.
  • feeders Both, it is true, are carrion-feeders, like all vultures; but the buzzard also hunts after other food, such as snakes, lizards, and small quadrupeds.
  • lodes
  • floaters
  • floes
  • footers
  • flours
  • florets
  • flouts
  • fielders
  • folders
  • loaders
  • molders
  • fleets
  • flyers
  • solders
  • flores
  • beatup
  • beauter
  • borderless
  • bornagain
  • bouncinesses
  • gelating
  • oddnesses
  • parallelings

136 words made from the letters floders

4 letter words made from floders:

5 letter words made from floders:

fored, dorls, soled, doles, fores, orles, sored, frels, sloer, serlo, feods, orfes, soref, dorfl, delfs, foles, rodef, solde, lords, redos, floer, folds, rosle, forse, roelf, slore, elros, froes, floes, resod, erdos, flors, rosed, sefro, lorde, older, resol, roedl, felos, dores, leros, loder, drole, eorls, ferol, sofer, losed, dorel, lodes, loser, folse.

3 letter words made from floders:

roe, old, doe, led, res, ler, dle, fdr, des, oed, dol, for, red, lsd, fes, fed, esr, elf, foe, ore, sle, leo, ref, sol, rod, sod, ode, dos, eld, dre, edo, eos.

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