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How to spell FLOTES correctly?

If you've misspelled "flotes", fret not; potential correct suggestions include "floats", "flores" or "flutes". Remember to proofread your writing as accuracy is crucial. Whether describing buoyant objects, floral arrangements or musical instruments, make sure to use the correct spelling to ensure clarity in your text.

List of suggestions on how to spell flotes correctly

  • fates The fates of the two countries were intertwined.
  • fetes We are celebrating our fetes!
  • flats I love wearing flats when I have a lot of walking to do.
  • flatus Although it may be considered impolite to talk about flatus, its occurrence is a natural bodily function.
  • flees
  • flies The butterflies and bees fluttered around the flowers, while the flies buzzed near the garbage.
  • flits
  • floater The lifeguard jumped into the pool to rescue a floater.
  • floaters Some people see floaters in their drink, while others believe they are just mist.
  • floats The balloon floats gently up into the bright blue sky.
  • floes The polar bears were walking across the ice floes in search of food.
  • Floods The town was evacuated due to the floods.
  • flores
  • florets The chef used broccoli florets in the salad.
  • floss I need to floss before my dinner.
  • flouter
  • flouts A good leader never flouts the rules they expect their followers to follow.
  • flows The river flows towards the sea, carving its way through the rocky landscape.
  • flues There were two stacks of wood in the fireplace Flues led up from the base of the fireplace.
  • flute She played the flute for him.
  • flutes The flutes were making a melancholy melody.
  • footers The website designer added a copyright notice to the footers of each page.
  • Foots
  • fortes The fortes in the piece were beautifully executed by the orchestra.
  • lodes The lodes of gold were exposed by the heavy rain.
  • lots I bought lots of fruits and vegetables at the market.
  • lotus The beautiful lotus flower grows in muddy waters.
  • lutes Musicians from the Renaissance era often played lutes in their performances.

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