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How to spell FLOWW correctly?

If you accidentally misspelled "floww", here are some possible correct suggestions. One option could be "flow", which refers to the smooth movement of something. Another possibility is "flower", denoting a colorful plant. Lastly, "flaw" could be another accurate spelling, indicating an imperfection or mistake.

List of suggestions on how to spell floww correctly

  • blow The wind began to blow fiercely, blowing the fallen leaves off the pavement.
  • flaw There is a flaw in this plan that we need to address before moving forward.
  • flaws The print was riddled with flaws.
  • Flew I flew to New York today.
  • Flo Flo has a stunning smile that lights up the room.
  • float The colorful balloons will float to the sky.
  • flock
  • floe Icebergs are common on the floe.
  • floes The ship struggled to navigate through the icy floes that littered the Arctic waters.
  • flog The farmer needed to flog the horses to get them moving.
  • flood
  • floor The floor is very slippery.
  • flop
  • flora The flora of this region includes many unique species of plants.
  • flory
  • floss She forgot to floss her teeth this morning.
  • flour I used all of the flour to make the cake.
  • flout
  • flow The river had a strong flow after the heavy rainfall.
  • flower
  • Flown The birds had flown away before dawn.
  • flows
  • Floyd I found a Floyd Mayweather bobblehead in the back of my car.
  • fowl I always thought poultry was a fowl topic.
  • glow The fireflies' glow filled the night with beauty.
  • low I always feel low when I'm not eating junk food.
  • plow The farmer used his plow to till the soil for the new crop.
  • slow The tortoise was a slow creature compared to the hare.

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