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How to spell FLUCH correctly?

The misspelling "fluch" can be corrected to "fluke", meaning a stroke of good luck or "flinch", meaning to involuntarily recoil from something. Other suggestions may include "fluff", "flush" or "flute", depending on the intended context. It's always important to double-check spelling to avoid confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell fluch correctly

  • bloch
  • blush
  • clutch He was able to clutch the rock before falling off the cliff.
  • fetch I throw the ball and the dog runs to fetch it.
  • filch The petty thief managed to filch a few coins from the cash register before getting caught.
  • finch The finch sang sweetly on the tree branch.
  • fitch
  • flack
  • flash The lightning created a flash of light that illuminated the entire room.
  • fleck There was a small fleck of dirt on his shirt.
  • flesh He sliced through the tough skin and into the tender flesh of the peach.
  • flick She saw a flick of movement out of the corner of her eye.
  • flinch She didn't flinch when she heard the bad news, she just remained calm and collected.
  • flock
  • flu
  • flub I made a flub during my interview and forgot to mention my experience in customer service.
  • flue The flue was blocked, and the house was filled with smoke.
  • flues The chimney flues carried the smoke from the burning logs up the flue and out of the house.
  • fluff I love to vacuum, but I can't stand the smell of fluff.
  • fluid I spilled fluid on my shirt and it's a mess.
  • fluke His success was nothing more than a fluke.
  • fluky The team's victory was fluky, as they only won due to a lucky bounce.
  • flume The flume brought water from the creek to the reservoir.
  • flush After using the toilet, make sure to flush it.
  • flute The flute was once thought to bring happiness to those who played it.
  • FOCH
  • Lech
  • lurch She gave a lurch and almost fell.
  • lush The lush garden was full of vibrant flowers and greenery.
  • plush My office is in a plush building.
  • slouch I leaned against the cubicle wall, eyes sliding closed and wilting in the slouch of my posture.
  • slush After the snowstorm, the roads were covered in slush which made driving more dangerous.

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