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How to spell FLUDE correctly?

If you've mistakenly written "flude" instead of another word, here are a few likely corrections that you might be looking for. It could be "flute", referring to a musical instrument. Alternatively, it might be "flood", denoting a sudden overflow of water. Lastly, it could imply "flue", which is the chimney or outlet for smoke or gas.

List of suggestions on how to spell flude correctly

  • elude The answer to the mystery continues to elude us.
  • fade The colors in the painting started to fade over time.
  • feud The two neighboring families were in a feud that began over a property dispute.
  • Fled The bird quickly fled the area.
  • flee The thief decided to flee the scene after realizing the police had been called.
  • floe The floe was floating on the water.
  • flu I got my flu shot this year to protect myself from getting sick.
  • flue The flue of the fireplace was clogged with debris, causing smoke to fill the room.
  • flues She was wearing a flues dress.
  • fluid She was bathing in a fluid bathtub.
  • fluids I need to drink fluids to avoid dehydration.
  • fluke This was a fluke, a one-time event.
  • flume I would love to take a ride on the flume.
  • flute Joshua began to play the flute and the birds began to sing.
  • Fluted The flowers were in a tall, thin fluted pot.
  • flutes She played the flutes and they sounded sweet.
  • Fud I don't know what the fud is, but it doesn't smell good.
  • lade I charged my phone and Lade it up with some of my favorite music.
  • lode A "lode" of copper was discovered under the land.
  • ludo I used to play ludo with my family every weekend.
  • lute During the Renaissance, the lute was a popular instrument for solo performances and accompaniment.

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