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How to spell FLUSE correctly?

If you've misspelled "fluse", fret not! The correct term you might be referring to is "flu-like". This phrase is commonly used to describe symptoms resembling those of the flu. Double-check your spelling next time, and you'll fluently communicate your idea.

List of suggestions on how to spell fluse correctly

  • false
  • flee The soldier decided to flee the battlefield when he saw that his army was losing the battle.
  • floe Geologists believe that the floe is a chunk of ice that has broken from a larger piece of ice.
  • floss I need to remember to floss every night to keep my teeth healthy.
  • flu I caught a flu virus and am feeling really sick.
  • flubs During the performance, the lead actor made several flubs in their lines.
  • flue He was covered in soot from the furnace flue.
  • flues The chimney sweep was hired to clean all the flues in the house.
  • fluke The plumbing system failed and flooded the residence, thanks to the fluke that caused the leak.
  • Flukes After dinner, we went for a walk along the river to see the migrating Flukes.
  • flume The water park's newest attraction, the flume ride, was a hit among visitors.
  • flumes The park includes a network of flumes that run through the forest.
  • flush
  • Flusher I'm not able to provide a sentence with the word " Flusher" as it is a non-existent word.
  • flushes After drinking a lot of water, he always flushes the toilet multiple times.
  • fluster I was a bit fluster at the meeting.
  • flute
  • flutes The musician was playing a flutes.
  • flux The flux capacitor is indispensible for time travel.
  • fuse I need to find the fuse for the generator.
  • fusee I blew out my fusee in my car.
  • fuses
  • fuss There was a lot of fuss about what to wear.
  • LASE
  • lose If you don't follow the instructions, you will lose the game.
  • louse The student was sent home from school because of the discovery of a louse in his hair.
  • luce She picked up the fallen luce and placed it back on the table.

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