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How to spell FOCALS correctly?

If you're unsure about the correct spelling of "focals", here are some possible suggestions: "focus", "focuses", "focal" or "focales". Double-check the context for a precise match or consult a dictionary to ensure accurate usage. Remember, correct spelling enhances effective communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell focals correctly

  • bifocals I need to get bifocals so I can see both up close and far away.
  • Coals The fire crackled, sending bright sparks dancing up from the coals.
  • decals I bought some customized decals for my car.
  • facials I treated myself to a spa day with a massage and facials.
  • fecal I went to the bathroom and when I came out, there was a fecal matter on the floor.
  • finals I have been studying vigorously for my upcoming finals.
  • foals
  • focal The focal point of the artwork was the intricate details in the center.
  • focally The biopsy revealed that the tumor was focally located in the patient's lung.
  • focus I need to focus on studying for my exam.
  • foils Batman's cape and cowl are made of material that foils any attempt to identify him.
  • fools No one knows what fools these people are.
  • fouls He has committed three fouls in the first half of the basketball game.
  • Fowls The farmer raised several fowls in his backyard.
  • Goals Setting clear goals is important for achieving success in any area of life.
  • Locales I enjoy trying new cafes and restaurants in different locales when I travel.
  • locals She always tries to get locals to try her food.
  • VOCALS The lead singer's vocals were powerful and emotive, leaving the audience in awe.

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