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How to spell FOCASE correctly?

If you have mistakenly spelled "focase", worry not, for there are potential corrections to salvage your text. "Focus" could be the intended word, indicating a concentration or central point. Alternatively, the correct term could be "fiasco", referring to a disastrous or chaotic event.

List of suggestions on how to spell focase correctly

  • case I need to find my phone case before leaving.
  • facade The facade of the building looked grand, but inside it was dilapidated.
  • focal The focal point of the painting is the brightly colored flower in the center.
  • focus I find it hard to focus on studying when there's so much noise around me.
  • focused She was very focused on completing the project on time.
  • Focuses The teacher focuses on the importance of learning to read and write properly.
  • fosse The archaeological site revealed an ancient fosse surrounding the ruins of a fortress.
  • jocose Her jocose sense of humor always lightens the mood in any situation.

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