Correct spelling for FOCII

We think the word focii is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for focii

  • ascii There is an important subgenre of humorous ASCII art that takes advantage of the names of the various characters to tell a pun-based joke.
  • ci Andreson, Heilbronn, 1879. The Bodleian Roland ends with the words: "ci folt la geste, que Turoldus declinet."
  • face Now, for just one look into Eunice's face!
  • facile As for materials, everything was made to serve in turn-granite, diorite, breccia, red jade, alabaster, and soft limestone, which lent itself more readily to caprices of form; finally, a still more plastic and facile substance-clay, painted and glazed.
  • facing In the obscurity, not quite as impenetrable as that out of which I looked, I could distinguish the tall figure of the girl in a dark ball-dress, and facing her, towards me, the big form of Henshaw."
  • fail Drop pen; my spirits, harrassed out with sorrow, fail.
  • fain He so came and went, went and came again, That Nurse who lay curtained to faint was fain.
  • fair It was very gentle, fair, and thoughtful.
  • farce But The Maid in the Mill and The Martial Maid are good farce, which almost deserves the name of comedy; and The Knight of Malta is a romantic drama of merit.
  • farsi In Saugor the Hindus speak of Gondi as Farsi or Persian, apparently applying this latter name to any foreign language.
  • fascia And as all excressences and abnormal growths, diseases and conditions, must have the friendly assistance of the fascia before development; the fascia is the place to look for cause of disease and the place to consult and begin the action of remedies in all diseases, even though it be the birth of a child.
  • fbi An FBI agent was out, I have learned since, on November 1. I made no note of the day for myself.
  • fez We met two Chasseurs d'Afrique, mounted on superb Arabs and wearing red fez-like caps and yellow collar-bands.
  • fib I've several times caught her cheating or copying, and she's not above telling a fib if she's in a tight place.
  • fica The folded inverted conformal antenna (FICA) has some advantages with respect to the PIFA, because it allows a better volume reuse.
  • ficus In 2000, Michael Moore advocated a write-in candidate Ficus (the plant) for Congress as a unified vote for none of the above in congressional seats where the incumbent was running unopposed.
  • fig And what do you think came down through the branches of the fig tree over our heads?"
  • fiji Here in Fiji the singing was harsh and discordant, as k's and r's abound in the language.
  • fin Fin chewed his thumb, from skin to blood, from blood to bone, from bone to marrow, and discovered that Fear Dubh had built the castle by magic, and that he was coming himself with a great force to cut the head off each one of them.
  • finis Rev. Moses Bickerstaff wrote those famous sermons ov hiz, that shook the moral firmament from dan to bersheebe, upon the head ov a flower barrel, with a bony pen made from the dorsal feather finis ov an untamed osstrich.
  • fir At last it was undertaken by the little boy from the Fir House.
  • fit We've got to take whoever will fit it.
  • fix "I reckon you can fix it now, boys.
  • fizz Supper with fizz another ten quid.
  • foal Mares heavy with foal often have dropsical swellings.
  • foam The quartermaster took the letter, and by the time he got to the top of the ladder, the Ithuriel was flying through a cloud of foam and spray towards the first of the destroyers.
  • fob At last, by a tremendous writhe, wrenching himself free, he darted towards the door, and Mr Lawley, too much tired to pursue, snatched his large gold watch out of his fob, and hurled it at the boy's retreating figure.
  • focus To any one looking on the map of the Continent, and acquainted with the spirit of our times, this impious focus of illumination must be ominous.
  • foe "My dear child, I will not deny that the eye of Nelson has a special gift for piercing the wiles of the scoundrelly foe.
  • fog The fog split and blew away, and the brilliant sunlight changed the forest.
  • fogy There are some old fogy ideas about soft and tepid water, which may help confuse the beginner: they accomplish nothing more.
  • foil And Bob, without taking his eyes from the vicious animal at the end of his taut riata, and working skillfully with his trained cow-horse to foil every wicked plunge and wild leap, grinned with appreciation, as he added, "I'll bet four bits you can't do it again, Phil, without a runnin' start."
  • foist No millionaire library-giver had found Poketown on the map. Or else, the hard-headed and tight-fisted voters of that Green Mountain community were too sharp to allow anybody to foist upon them a granite mausoleum, the upkeep of which would mainly advertise the name of the donor.
  • folio We have just shewn that on page 136 of the Folio we obtain Bacon's name on line 33. On page 41 we refer to Ben Jonson's "Every man out of his Humour."
  • food
  • fool
  • foot
  • fop
  • force
  • forced
  • ford
  • fore
  • fork
  • form
  • fort
  • fosse
  • fossil
  • foul
  • four
  • fowl
  • fox
  • foxy
  • fri
  • fuji
  • voice
  • xci
  • xcii
  • xii
  • xiii
  • xvii
  • xviii
  • Fie " Fie, fie, captain," said she, "it is easily to be seen that you have been to court; you have learned so thoroughly the art of flattery."
  • Fogies The old fogies were too much for their foe, a much younger man than either of them, and a soldier of high reputation.
  • Folios These volumes and the tall entrancing folios of Nash's lithographed Mansions of England in the Olden Time formed a store lending itself particularly to distribution on the drawingroom carpet, with concomitant pressure to the same surface of the small student's stomach and relieving agitation of his backward heels.
  • Forcing
  • Fora
  • Loci
  • FCC In solid buckminsterfullerene, the C60 molecules adopt the fcc (face-centered cubic) motif.
  • foodie
  • Lois
  • firs What from the shade of the firs and the impending tempests, we travelled several miles almost in total darkness.
  • forces
  • foes She recognized the most formidable of all foes-pride.
  • foils For look, sweet heart, here are the early flowers That lingered on their way, Thronging in haste to kiss the feet of May, Entangled with the bloom of later hours,- Anemones and cinque-foils, violets blue And white, and iris richly gleaming through The grasses of the meadow, and a blaze Of butter-cups and daisies in the field, Filling the air with praise, As if a chime of golden bells had pealed!
  • fairs For wherefore does this Stargard pedlar come here to my fairs?
  • fops
  • fogs It seemed as if the gale of passion which had been slowly rising in him in these hours they had been together blew away the mists in which her mind had been groping, blew away the soothing fogs of death which had been closing in about her, and left her, shrinking, in sudden, confusing light.
  • CIR Gungunu, cir. 2500 B. C. Ur-Gur.
  • FOO
  • MCI
  • SCI
  • FOL "'The ducks and the geese they all swim over, Fol de rol de ri do, fol de ri do-'
  • FYI
  • FOBS 'No, no; it was I,' protests a third; while others, with fingers in fobs, wink and shake their heads at the bewildered waiter as if to imply that one of them will settle with the 'mozo' in secret.
  • FOCH Apparently having advance information of the German plans, or perhaps surmising them, General Foch had been preparing a surprise for the Crown Prince.
  • FOLL
  • PHIS
  • fours
  • foxier

3 words made from the letters focii

3 letter words made from focii:

ifc, cio.

4 letter words made from focii:


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