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How to spell FOGER correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "foger" may include "fogger", "fogor" or "fogar". However, without context it is difficult to determine the intended word. Double-checking spelling through a search engine or dictionary can help ensure accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell foger correctly

  • cover I need to cover the hole in the wall with some plaster.
  • faker He is such a faker, always pretending to be something he's not.
  • Fer
  • flogger
  • foe My greatest foe in the workplace is the conniving office gossip.
  • fog
  • fogey My grandpa is such a fogey, still wearing clothes from the 1950s.
  • fogged After swimming, my goggles were all fogged up and I couldn't see anything.
  • foggier As the morning wore on, the skies grew foggier and foggier, making it difficult to see more than a few feet ahead.
  • foggy I felt a little foggy after drinking my coffee.
  • Fogies I have a few Fogies hanging around.
  • fogs The dense fogs rolling in from the sea made it difficult to see the shore.
  • fogy This old fogy is wasting my time.
  • Forager She is a forager and collector of wild foods.
  • fore I will forget about the fore on your forehead.
  • forge The blacksmith would forge the metal into elaborate designs.
  • forged He forged something in the forge.
  • forger The forger was caught with the stolen goods.
  • forgers Forgers can face severe legal consequences for creating and distributing counterfeit documents.
  • forgery The museum discovered that the painting they had acquired was a forgery.
  • forges
  • forget I always forget to buy bread at the grocery store.
  • four
  • foxier She was determined to become foxier by hitting the gym regularly and following a strict diet.
  • foyer As soon as you enter the house, you will find yourself in a sophisticated foyer with a sparkling chandelier.
  • GER
  • goer She was a frequent movie goer before the pandemic.
  • gofer I need someone to be my gofer and grab me some coffee.
  • Roger Roger tried to prove his innocence but was found guilty by the jury.

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