How to spell FOLTY correctly?

We think the word folty is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell folty correctly

  • bolt Then the bolt was drawn; the door opened a little way; and at his feet fell the engagement ring.
  • colt The old man, as he laboured under the weight of the colt, kept groaning, O Allah!
  • dolt What a dolt I was not to think of it.
  • falter Then suddenly Caterina's fingers began to falter, and she placed the plates on the table with a clatter, as if her eyes were blinded.
  • fatty "I couldn't see it before, but you have made it very clear, Fatty.
  • fault And it is not her fault.
  • faulty Not only was the prevailing method of investigation faulty, but actual knowledge of a large part of the animal kingdom was extremely limited.
  • fealty He had declared his fealty; to some extent, had proved it; had hoped that he was gaining in her esteem.
  • felt I felt sure that first day.
  • filet
  • filly My daughter found a colorful filly in the garden.
  • filter I need to clean my filter before I use the vacuum cleaner.
  • filthy
  • fitly The flowers fitly Bloom in the garden.
  • flat
  • flay Adventurous spirits flay themselves alive in order to experience the exuberant sensation of being alive outside of the body.
  • flit
  • float The floating dock gives the kayakers a safe place to rest.
  • flory Every day, she watered the flowers in her garden, flavored with a little garlic and a touch of flory.
  • flout
  • flute I can play the flute.
  • fly
  • foaled A foal is a baby horse.
  • foiled The plot was foiled when the detective recognized the suspect from a previous case.
  • fold
  • folder I keep all of my paperwork in a folder.
  • folio
  • folk Her folk are legends of the sea.
  • folly A folly is a stupid mistake.
  • font
  • foot He lifted her heavy foot from the pedal.
  • fort
  • forte It is important to use forte when speaking.
  • forty I'm forty.
  • fouled The ball fouled off the post and out of play.
  • foully It was foully polluted in the river.
  • fully The food is fully cooked.
  • jolt The thunderbolt felt like a jolt in the middle of the night.
  • lofty Hearing his declaration, she felt a bit lofty at achieving such an ambition.
  • molt The frog molted into a new skin.
  • polity It is the study of the principles and methods of government.
  • volt I have to change the battery in my flashlight.
  • zloty Zloty is the currency of Poland.
  • Fled I ran away from the scene of the crime.
  • Fooled
  • Footy
  • Fowled
  • Holt
  • Floyd
  • folds On the Foldscope, the unfolded image is the same as the folded image.
  • FLT
  • FOL FOLks in the know say that FOLks in the land are FOOLish.
  • FOLL
  • Foley
  • flirty
  • felts Can it be said that they rode? They sat feebly on animals, swaddled in felts and furs, the pagri concealing each face with the exception of one eye in a blue goggle; rolling from side to side, clutching at ropes and halters, moaning "Ya Allah!"-a deplorable cavalcade.

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