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How to spell FOOLD correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "foold" instead of "fooled", don't fret! Autocorrect may not always catch it, but here are a few correct alternatives: "fooled", "fold", "foods" or "field". Double-check your intended meaning and select the most appropriate term for a more accurate message.

List of suggestions on how to spell foold correctly

  • field
  • flood
  • Floyd
  • foal The mare delivered a healthy foal last night.
  • foaled The mare finally foaled a beautiful filly after a long and difficult labor.
  • foil He used aluminum foil to wrap his sandwich.
  • foiled Despite his efforts, the detective was foiled in his attempt to catch the elusive thief.
  • FOL
  • fold
  • folds
  • FOLL
  • food I am going to the store to buy some food for dinner tonight.
  • fool
  • Fooled I was fooled by her clever deception.
  • fools The fools in this group are thinking that by going off campus they will be avoiding therowd.
  • foot
  • ford
  • foul The basketball player was called for a foul after pushing his opponent.
  • fouled The ball was fouled by the other team in the final minute.
  • fowl I cooked a delicious roasted fowl for dinner last night.
  • Fowled
  • old She is an old lady.

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