What is the correct spelling for FORCASTLE?

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Correct spelling for FORCASTLE

We think the word forcastle is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for forcastle

  • castle There are some in the Castle, Carford.
  • firstly The latter seems the more probable for two reasons: firstly, on account of the resemblance between the methods of the Vehmgerichts and the Assassins, which would be explained if the Templars formed the connecting link; and secondly, the fact that in contemporary documents the members of the Secret Tribunals were frequently referred to under the name of Rose-Croix.
  • forecastle The crew were forward in the forecastle, and I knew not if any man was on deck saving myself.
  • forestall She tried to forestall any such catastrophe as she feared by explaining that they might not find her father or he might not return, even if he got her message, not surely, for he had always done what he thought his duty before anything else, and he might think it his duty to stay where he could find something to do.
  • freestyle The womens 100m Freestyle event at the 2006 Central American and Caribbean Games occurred on Saturday, July 22, 2006 at the S.
  • jostle They bump and jostle their way along, heating the wire as they go.
  • newcastle The Duke of Newcastle could only appeal to the House on the part of the Government not to pass a resolution calling upon the King to declare war, but to leave it to the King to choose his own opportunity.

583 words made from the letters forcastle

3 letter words made from forcastle:

cat, eos, are, tor, cro, ear, ace, lao, eat, eft, act, era, car, alt, roe, ref, oft, oat, oct, trf, fes, ecf, ect, elf, art, ret, tea, toe, sol, ceo, oar, set, ola, sac, res, lat, lea, rat, esr, oaf, ale, eta, far, sot, ler, rot, oca, sec, als, raf, roc, cer, tao, tlc, etc, ter, col, ate, cst, sat, tar, tec, ras, ore, afl, aft, est, ert, for, asl, sle, let, otc, fat, leo, crt, lot, foe, aec, lac, oas, cos, sea, arc, cot, fao.

5 letter words made from forcastle:

croat, clots, rafto, coate, carts, astor, forse, corfe, alors, realo, faler, costa, corte, croel, oleas, facer, astre, caeso, certa, ecast, reato, actos, easco, react, croft, false, acter, foras, rotes, aceso, acres, losec, carte, sacer, casto, creal, orest, float, scalf, arcot, asfor, calor, carso, actor, fecal, ferol, astro, cleat, farls, artec, acoel, foart, alero, clats, alter, foals, otras, corse, ceras, farce, calef, carol, losar, coras, clert, esoft, letra, ratel, loera, larco, coler, aceto, aefrs, coast, orate, astle, saeco, scare, feral, oreal, after, claro, fales, eclat, fator, lerot, laces, refat, forat, rotec, alcos, festo, latro, folts, cafer, rotls, flora, oracl, aceos, loast, orale, flors, frase, coaft, calfs, lacet, oltre, crest, aelst, crofs, foral, laers, recto, sarel, rosca, eorsa, felts, later, aclos, aerts, aloes, rosle, atelo, roast, acero, ralte, laroe, ascot, reast, sater, ratos, clast, flaco, least, sarlo, cleft, freas, acflr, aloft, cofer, leaft, folse, lotes, calot, facts, lorca, facet, loret, orfes, certo, safet, roelf, fetal, oates, recta, leats, orles, sacro, flare, cares, frate, caret, forte, alost, leros, coats, frats, alert, ferla, falso, lacor, scalo, forsa, salet, close, aster, falco, ceral, festa, rafle, feast, cater, loser, focal, artel, froes, foles, fatso, satre, actel, croal, flast, lafer, arlfc, resol, rates, aleft, lacto, floes, aostf, rocta, lotas, raste, eorls, rafet, oster, faeto, laser, octel, rosea, cleto, fasle, saler, rasco, oscar, falor, frale, alers, salto, crate, rafts, floer, craft, frets, latoc, reals, sarto, clase, flats, coset, feals, ocesa, foale, force, faroe, cesta, alces, artos, erato, fates, ostra, coale, frels, resto, elros, arlos, frace, cloer, scale, celts, roate, rotas, caroe, alefs, ealor, fatos, farle, ortac, fasel, feats, lofts, folca, fores, arcel, corta, coatl, oslac, coser, cosel, farol, ralfe, retal, catos, actes, flots, clore, ratso, caste, frost, cores, fetas, farel, fetor, orals, lacer, crato, felos, aetos, octas, rocas, cerat, loafs, creta, octal, clear, orlac, atler, oestr, altro, frlec, atole, oater, coral, feola.

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