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How to spell FORNER correctly?

If you meant to type "forner" but intended to write "former", you can easily correct the spelling. Check your sentence structure and context to determine if replacing "forner" with "former" makes sense. Proofread your work to catch such errors and ensure clear communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell forner correctly

  • Bonner The Bonner Group is a company with a long history of innovation.
  • Borne She had borne the burden of her family's financial troubles for years.
  • borneo Borneo is the third-largest island in the world, known for its diverse wildlife and rich rainforests.
  • burner I turned up the burner to boil the water for the pasta.
  • coiner
  • Conner Conner is a great friend who always knows how to put a smile on my face.
  • cornea The cornea is the clear window in the front of the eye.
  • corner I always try to avoid the corner in a tight spot.
  • cornier
  • Darner I have a darner for my fish tank.
  • Donner
  • downer I try not to be a downer and instead focus on the positives in life.
  • earner My father was the only earner in our family.
  • farmer My uncle is a farmer who grows corn, wheat, and soybeans on his land.
  • fawner She was a fawner who always tried to please her boss.
  • ferber
  • finer She had finer taste than he did.
  • Firer The firer had impeccable aim and easily hit the bullseye.
  • firmer He held onto the railing with a firmer grip so he would not fall.
  • fodder The farmer stored the hay as fodder for the winter.
  • fonder My grandmother is more of a fonder of dogs than people.
  • footer The footer of the document includes copyright information.
  • forbear I will forbear from criticizing your choices.
  • force He felt a powerful force pulling him down.
  • fore Fore! Watch out for the golf ball.
  • forge There was a great forge in the centre of the town.
  • forger The museum was forced to close an exhibit in 2019 after it was discovered that a renowned forger had smuggled in a fake artifact.
  • former I used to live in California, but I am now a former resident.
  • forte She played the forte of the concert with great intensity.
  • founder
  • fourier The Fourier transform is a mathematical technique that can be used to analyze complex data sets.
  • fowler I saw a yellow-bellied fowler out in the yard.
  • foyer The foyer is the grand entrance to a home.
  • Freer The Freer Gallery of Art is one of the most popular museums in Washington D.C.
  • garner The politician hoped to garner support from the community by attending local events.
  • goner After missing his final exam, he knew his chance at passing the course was a goner.
  • hornier Although I am not Hornier than ever I have been with my current partner I feel a much stronger urge to have sex with
  • joiner My uncle is a skilled joiner who can create beautiful furniture pieces.
  • Joyner Joyner Lucas is an American rapper and songwriter.
  • lerner I am looking for a book about lerner.
  • loaner The car dealership offered me a loaner vehicle while my car was being serviced.
  • loner The boy at school is often seen as a loner because he prefers to spend time by himself.
  • moaner It's hard to ignore a moaner in a quiet room.
  • mourner
  • owner The owner of the store was proud of the success it had achieved.
  • sooner She was so excited about their picnic that she wanted to go ahead and prepare the food sooner rather than later.
  • toner I need to replace the toner in my printer before I can print out these documents.
  • turner The Turner Museum of Art is a must-see for art lovers.
  • warner

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