Correct spelling for FORNOW

We think the word fornow is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for fornow

  • Fool
  • Mr. crawford must be a fool.

  • Fauna
  • The swedish fauna, presently to be mentioned, will be found to be still more nearly connected with the welsh menevian.

  • Fine
  • Fine chance a fellow has to warm up to you!

  • Forte
  • Borne
  • "he has been so unjust to me, that if it had not been for something, i could not have borne it.

  • Horny
  • Forth
  • Torn
  • Lorna
  • Ferny
  • The opal-blue haze of cigarette smoke drifted up above the white tables with their rose-pink and ferny decorations.

  • Donor
  • She wanted to place it in the hands of its owner and donor without delay, and peter and she were to be given some moments alone together, jack having prepared the mind of p. s. meanwhile.

  • Fore
  • Forgo
  • Worn
  • Follow
  • Would you never be willing to follow me-until they have left us?

  • Folio
  • The picture falsely so called is a manifest forgery and a palpable fraud, for in it all the revealing marks of the engraving by martin droeshout which appeared in the 1623 folio are purposely omitted.

  • Fargo
  • The real wells fargo, mr. johnson here, was a-watchin' yore corral alla time, so when you got a friend of yores to pull them two drummers into a poker game and then saddled yore hoss and went bustin' off in the direction of yore claim we got the marshal and trailed you.

  • Funny
  • Fun
  • Forge
  • Forty
  • Corn
  • The corn was for supplying the voyageurs.

  • Arno
  • The city, with the sweep of the lung' arno on either hand, and its domes and towers hung in the dull air, and the country with its white villas and black cypresses breaking the grey stretches of the olive orchards on its hill-sides, had alike been growing more and more insufferable; and colville was finding a sort of vindictive satisfaction in the power to ignore the surrounding frippery of landscape and architecture.

  • Fonda
  • Saint vrain, several other proprietaires, and myself, took up our quarters at the fonda, where we endeavoured, by means of the sparkling vintage of el paso, to make ourselves oblivious of the hardships we had endured in the passage of the plains.

  • Fort
  • Ferns
  • His boast had always been that, when wingenund sought to elude his pursuers, his trail faded among the moss and the ferns.

  • Honor
  • Force
  • Frown
  • Fro
  • Fiona
  • He and he only had actually written the "fiona macleod" fantasies and poems, but-yes!

  • Ono
  • Lorn
  • Foot
  • On foot or on horseback?"

  • Fork
  • Foray
  • Born
  • "why, i've known him since he was born.

    Necessity will make us all forsworn Three thousand times within this three years' space; For every man with his affects is born, Not by might master'd but by special grace:

    – Love's Labour's Lost: Act I, scene I by Unknown Author
  • Now
  • Furrow
  • Freon
  • Found
  • Mono
  • Bono
  • We call it a society-the cui bono society, he answered coldly.

  • Corny
  • "come on, then," cried o'tara, leaping over a ditch that was between them, and running up to king corny.

  • Fora
  • Font
  • Do pray tell us, mr. dodd, why you come to font abbey every day; is it really to teach master orson mathematics and manners?"

  • Fen
  • If it can be done, he said, the knaves in the fen must be kept from the king.

  • Know
  • Fin
  • That instant the giant sprang at fin and almost came down on his head, thinking in this way to crush him to bits.

  • Fern
  • As we were driven along under a tottering gateway, and then through a plain and up a hill, the breeze whispering amongst the fern which covers it, i felt the sober autumnal cast of the evening bring back the happy hours i passed last year at this very time, calm and sequestered.

  • Finer
  • And he finds too that nothing he has ever undertaken calls for a finer play of all his powers at their best.

  • Faun
  • At this time mr. story had completed his "cleopatra," which hawthorne had embalmed in literary mention in "the marble faun;" and beside his "judith," "sappho," and other lesser works, he had achieved one of his finest successes in the "libyan sibyl."

  • Borneo
  • The dyacks are found also in the celebes island, but there, as in borneo, they are confined to the interior.

  • Furn
  • Finny
  • It is also a good fisherman, posting itself on some convenient spot overhanging the water, and securing its finny prey with a lightning-like grasp of the claw as it passes beneath the white clad fisher.

  • Flow
  • In short, i am anxious that the pious injunctions of our monarchs should be fulfilled, and that the tears and blood of the inhabitants of these neglected islands should cease to flow.

  • Foo
  • And thanne was fortune my foo, for al hir faire speche; {206} and poverte pursued me, and putte me lowe.

  • Furor
  • Morn
  • Food
  • After this lancey was supplied with food.

  • Faro
  • Besides four billiard-tables, there are other gambling-tables for rouge et noir, trente et quarante, faro, la roulette, birribi, and other games of hazard.

  • Journo
  • Forgone
  • Fan
  • Surrounded by a numerous train of servants, never going afoot but riding in a carriage, needing servants not only to take off their shoes for them but even to fan them!

  • Finn
  • Now it must be explained to the reader that there had never been any friendship between mrs. finn and lady cantrip, though the ladies had met each other.

  • Form
  • Fond
  • "she doesn't look like my little kitty, and somehow i don't feel half so fond and proud of her as usual.

  • Forlorn
  • Fawn
  • Whatever the matter is, he do much fawn upon me, and i perceive would not fall out with me, and his daughter mighty officious to my wife, but i shall never be deceived again by him, but do hate him and his traitorous tricks with all my heart.

  • Fanny
  • Fanny laughed and shrugged her shoulders.

  • Fount
  • Norw
  • Fain
  • Fearing lest i should break down in uttering his proper name, i would fain shed my blood if his name were simply 'my sweet friend.

  • Snow
  • Horn
  • Farrow
  • Ransey was only a boy, and boys will be boys, so he could not help telling kind mrs farrow, the farmer's wife, of his luck, and how he expected real society people to visit himself and babs that day, so he must run quickly home to dress.

  • Ford

23 words made from the letters fornow

4 letter words made from fornow:

foor, foro, fron, orno, roof, foon, woof, rono, nfwo, worn, rowf.

3 letter words made from fornow:

now, for, woo, won, ron, own, row, ono, ofo.

5 letter words made from fornow:

onfor, frown, forno.