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How to spell FORSAH correctly?

If you're trying to spell "forsah", it's likely a misspelling of "for sure". Other correct suggestions could be "forsooth" or "forte". Double-checking your spelling of commonly used phrases can help avoid confusion and ensure effective communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell forsah correctly

  • dorsal The shark has a large dorsal fin on its back.
  • Dorsey After stepping down as CEO, Dorsey remained on the board of directors for the company.
  • Farah Farah is planning to travel to Europe this summer.
  • Farrah Farrah is an exceptional athlete, breaking records and inspiring others with her dedication.
  • foray After years of avoiding public speaking, she finally made a foray into giving a presentation at work.
  • foresaw He foresaw the problems that would arise if they continued down that path.
  • forfeit If you do not meet the deadline, you will forfeit your right to participate in the competition.
  • formal She decided to wear a formal gown to the black-tie event.
  • Forman Mr. Forman, our new project manager, has an impressive track record in leading successful teams.
  • format The book was not available in digital format, so she had to buy a physical copy.
  • forsake She promised to never forsake him, no matter what challenges they faced.
  • Forsyth I met a childhood friend named Forsyth at the local library last week.
  • forth He took a step forth, determined to face his fears.
  • fossa The fossa, a carnivorous mammal, is found only in Madagascar.
  • frosh I met several incoming frosh at the college orientation.
  • horsey The little girl giggled as she rode the horsey on the merry-go-round.
  • Norah Norah is a talented singer with a beautiful voice.
  • Orsay The Orsay Museum in Paris is known for its impressive collection of Impressionist masterpieces.
  • Torah The rabbi read from the Torah during the Sabbath service.

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