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How to spell FORSES correctly?

If you typed "forses" instead of "forces", fret not, autocorrect can go astray! The correct spelling for this word is "forces", referring to powers or influences at play. Keep an eye on autocorrect or use a trusted spell checker to avoid such misspellings. We all make mistakes, after all!

List of suggestions on how to spell forses correctly

  • courses I want to enroll in the cooking courses starting next week.
  • doses The doctor prescribed two doses of the medication for the patient.
  • farces Comic strips and farces are popular forms of entertainment.
  • FARES Fares for the bus ride home were high.
  • fires The firefighters worked tirelessly to put out the raging fires that had spread throughout the city.
  • FIRSTS Experiencing new things is always a great adventure, especially when it comes to personal firsts.
  • flosses Samantha flosses her teeth every night before going to bed.
  • Focuses Our company focuses on providing excellent customer service.
  • foes The foes faced off against each other in the deadly fight.
  • foists
  • Forbes Forbes is a well known magazine that covers business and financial news.
  • force The force of the wind against my skin was enough to make me stumble.
  • forceps I injured my hand with forceps.
  • forces The strong winds and heavy rainfall combined to create powerful forces that tore apart the old building.
  • FORDS After crossing several fords, they finally reached the other side of the river.
  • foresee
  • foresees The foresees that this accident will lead to a serious injury.
  • forgers The forgers were able to use the wax to make copies of the currency.
  • forges The blacksmith forges the horseshoe in the red-hot furnace.
  • forgoes She forgoes her morning coffee to save time.
  • forks I use forks to eat my food.
  • Forms My college requires all students to complete a forms intake.
  • forsakes
  • Forster John forster is one of my favorite authors.
  • fortes
  • forties Forties are the decade of our lives where we are most likely to grow old.
  • FORTS The soldiers built multiple forts along the border to protect against enemy attacks.
  • fosse The archaeologists discovered a well-preserved fosse or ditch surrounding the ancient castle.
  • Foxes The foxes were having a party.
  • frees She frees herself from the stress of work by practicing yoga.
  • fries
  • fuses I need to replace the fuses in my car's electrical system.
  • fusses She fusses over every detail, making sure everything is perfect.
  • Horses The horses are eating their hay.
  • hoses I need to replace the hoses on my lawn sprinkler system before summer.
  • loses She often loses her keys and spends hours trying to find them.
  • moses
  • Noses Some people have big noses while some have small ones.
  • Oases The oases are the best places to visit in the Middle East.
  • OSES One of the assignments for our OSES class is to write an OSES application.
  • poses The new company policy poses a challenge for employees who are used to working independently.
  • ROSES She held a dozen roses in her hand.

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