How to spell FORTRY correctly?

We think the word fortry is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell fortry correctly

  • artery
  • dory We went out fishing in a small wooden dory.
  • dowry In some cultures, a dowry is expected to be provided by the bride's family before a marriage can take place.
  • factory The factory produces thousands of widgets every day.
  • fairy The little girl believed that a fairy was living in her garden.
  • fatty The doctor advised me to reduce my intake of fatty foods to improve my cholesterol levels.
  • ferry I booked a ferry from San Francisco to Oakland to avoid the heavy traffic on the Bay Bridge.
  • fiery The fiery sun was setting over the horizon, coloring the sky in a warm orange hue.
  • Firer The firer was able to extinguish the flames before they spread to the neighboring houses.
  • flory
  • floury She had a floury beard.
  • flurry The sudden flurry of snow caught me off guard while walking to work.
  • foot Jimmy felt something rubbing his foot.
  • footer The footer contains important copyright and legal information.
  • Footy We used to play footy in the park every Saturday afternoon with our friends.
  • Fora Foa fora e uma palavra que significa "fora".
  • foray We decided to foray into the city for a bit.
  • ford My car is a ford ranger.
  • fore The golfer used his driver to hit the ball as far as possible, shouting "fore" to warn other players.
  • forgery The artist was arrested for creating and selling a forgery of a famous painting.
  • fort I'm going to fort up against the wind.
  • forte My forte is in writing poetry.
  • fortes You must be strong for your attempt to conquer the exam.
  • fortify It is important to fortify your home against burglars.
  • fortran
  • fortress The old castle was built as a fortress to protect the kingdom from enemy attacks.
  • FORTS The soldiers built a row of impressive forts to protect the border.
  • fortuity The fortuity of the accident was miraculous.
  • forty
  • foundry The foundry was in the back of the building.
  • fray The fabric began to fray at the edges after multiple washes.
  • frey I prefer steak, but my fiance likes fried chicken.
  • friary The ruins of the old friary can still be seen on the outskirts of town.
  • fry I would like to fry some bacon for breakfast.
  • furor The announcement of the new policy sparked a furor among the public.
  • furry My cat has a very soft and furry coat.
  • fury In his fury, he lost control and killed her.
  • mortuary The mortuary was dark and dreary.
  • notary Notary publics aren't required in all fifty states, but they are in most.
  • poetry Reading poetry helps me relax and escape reality for a little while.
  • portray The actor did an excellent job to portray the character's emotional turmoil.
  • retry I will retry the task tomorrow when I am feeling more focused.
  • rotary My ex-girlfriend always complained about the rotary phone.
  • tarry I must tarry here until my friends arrive.
  • terry Terry was very excited to go to the party.
  • tory The tory party has been in power for the past ten years.
  • try
  • votary I am a votary of fitness.

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  • determination
  • determining
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