Correct spelling for FORUNTE

We think the word forunte is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for forunte

  • Font(Definition of font)
  • The first day or two she watched her niece on the sly, just to see whether she regretted font abbey, or, in other words, mr. talboys.

  • Bronte
  • Mckee, roused from his state of abstraction, observed bronte sitting at the debris and empty plates.

  • Found(Definition of found)
  • He must go on talking until roden was found.

  • Brunet(Definition of brunet)
  • The company was sibilet, who, under pretext of discussing the verdict brunet had just handed in, was talking to rigou of quite other matters.

  • Runty(Definition of runty)
  • Founder(Definition of founder)
  • Zane was the founder of wheeling, zanesville, martin's ferry, and bridgeport.

  • Fortunate(Definition of fortunate)
  • "it was fortunate that the accident occurred before noon, for at that hour the children would have been leaving school, and," etc, etc-suggestion of the horror of what might have been.

  • Frond(Definition of frond)
  • Excluding some rarer species we mention one other example-the broom-like s. scoparia, the frond of which is coarse and very rigid, of a dark-brown colour, two or three inches long, with the lower portion clothed by woolly fibres.

  • Front(Definition of front)
  • The wounds of black gandil were all in front, and when mcgurk and i meet it's going to be face to face."

  • Fronts
  • Fabric it seemed of diamond and of gold, with alabaster domes and silver spires, and blazing terrace upon terrace, high uplifted: here, serene pavilions bright, in avenues disposed; there, towers begirt with battlements, that on their restless fronts bore stars-illumination of all gems!

  • Runt(Definition of runt)
  • Frontier(Definition of frontier)
  • It is enough for me to drive it back more than twenty or twenty-five miles from my frontier."

  • Fruit(Definition of fruit)
  • The houses on this court are occupied by italian fruit-venders for the most part.

  • Frowned
  • Gaynor frowned, impressed as king had been before him.

  • Fount(Definition of fount)
  • The midas that may turn to joy the grief-fount of the soul; that paints the prize and bids thee press with fervor to the goal.

  • Fronted(Definition of Fronted)
  • It is fronted by sixty turrets, and between each turret there is a minor synagogue, and in the court of the synagogue is the ark, and at the back of the synagogue is the sepulchre of ezekiel.

  • Fronde(Definition of Fronde)
  • Certain it is that once plunged into the eddying tide of the fronde, she loftily announced the project of remedying the general disorder of affairs.

  • Frunze(Definition of frunze)

183 words made from the letters forunte

3 letter words made from forunte:

fen, ern, ten, uro, rut, ret, net, ref, nut, ron, rue, eon, urn, ute, for, fur, tun, ert, not, toe, neo, ent, ton, ufo, tor, fun, ore, rot, run, trf, one, out, ter, oft, tnf, roe, eft, foe.

4 letter words made from forunte:

fure, fuet, torn, nute, nfte, tuno, fron, rufe, frou, tone, rufo, frot, rune, tofu, nout, neuf, reno, tfeu, fuer, toun, tour, tore, note, ueno, ofen, nuer, rute, tuen, treu, toer, enof, orfu, frue, fune, ouen, ture, roue, fort, roen, ruen, tuor, utne, renu, ourn, ruef, orne, fore, treo, tero, ruto, fret, uner, true, tuer, runo, tern, orte, rent, euro, ufer, noer, onuf, tune, feur, fern, onur, ento, turn, tref, rote, runt, rouf, font, tufo, freo, unrf, ufot, nero, funo, turo, rout, four, oeuf, utor, turf, rofe, furt, enur, oure, uren.

5 letter words made from forunte:

nutro, often, futre, roeun, forte, fouer, furon, orent, toure, fruto, nuter, retno, renou, futon, fetor, urton, tenor, tuner, route, furen, fonet, outer, torne, fount, unter, treno, front, frunt, utero, torun, fortu, orten, urent, outre, roten, turno, fouet, turon, untre, feron, etour, orfeu, foner, treon, nufer, retun, ronte, fonte, neuro, toner, runet, fourt, runte, outen, ufton.