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How to spell FOT correctly?

The correct spelling for "fot" is actually "foot". Common misspellings of this word can be fixed by checking autocorrect or using a dictionary. Other possible suggestions could include: "fort", "font" or "fog".

List of suggestions on how to spell fot correctly

  • bot
  • cot The baby was sleeping soundly on the cot.
  • dot He placed a small red dot on the map to mark the location of the hidden treasure.
  • fat She loves eating fat-rich foods.
  • fit I need to make sure these shoes fit properly before I buy them.
  • FLT I'm flying to Florida tomorrow on my FLT.
  • fob I always forget my keys at home, so I've started using a key fob to open my front door.
  • foe My former friend has now become my greatest foe.
  • fog
  • FOL
  • font I chose a modern, sleek font for my resume to make it stand out.
  • FOO
  • foot
  • fop He spent all his money on fancy clothing and became known as a fop.
  • fort The old fort stood tall and imposing on top of the hill.
  • fox The sly fox quietly stalked its prey through the forest.
  • ft The mountain peak stands at an elevation of 14,505 ft.
  • FUT
  • Got I got a new job last month.
  • hot It is so hot outside, I think I'm going to have to jump in the pool.
  • jot I always jot down notes in class to help me study later.
  • lot She parked her car in the empty lot next to the grocery store.
  • mot
  • not
  • Ot
  • pot I am going to make a delicious stew in the big pot.
  • rot The fruit began to rot due to its exposed flesh.
  • sot "That sot of a neighbor keeps playing loud music late at night.
  • tot The little girl clung tightly to her stuffed tot as she drifted off to sleep.
  • Wot

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