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How to spell FOTAGE correctly?

If you've stumbled upon the misspelling "fotage" while referring to footage, worry not! The correct spelling is "footage". Occasionally, spelling mistakes happen, but it's crucial to maintain accuracy. Persistently verifying spellings has become imperative in our digitally-driven era where precision prevails.

List of suggestions on how to spell fotage correctly

  • cottage I am spending the weekend in a cozy cottage by the lake.
  • dotage In his dotage, my grandfather often spoke about his experiences during the war.
  • foliage The autumn foliage in New England is absolutely breathtaking.
  • footage I watched the footage of the car race and could feel the adrenaline of the drivers.
  • forage
  • Forager The forager gathered berries and nuts to sustain herself in the woods.
  • forge The blacksmith used the forge to heat up the metal before shaping it into a sword.
  • outage The website was down due to a power outage in the data center.
  • portage The portage over the mountain was a tough and tiring task for the canoeists.
  • pottage She cooked a delicious pottage with root vegetables and barley.
  • stage The actors were all on stage rehearsing for their upcoming performance.

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