How to spell FOTUNE correctly?

We think the word fotune is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell fotune correctly

  • atone I have been weak too, and I deserve to atone for my weakness by suffering.
  • attune Now no longer with a haunting sense of fear would he search and learn, but with a glad perception of the beautiful orderliness of the universe, so planned and arranged for the souls of men when only they should learn how to use their own lives, and attune themselves to give forth music to the touch of the God of Love.
  • done Let's think what's to be done.
  • dune It's fair words maks foul wark; and the wrath o' the Almichty maun purge this toon or a' be dune.
  • fate In a blind, vindictive way he felt that his experience was the very irony of fate.
  • faun He was both slender and broad, with the grace of a faun in young manhood, and with the deviltry of a satyr of more advanced age in his yellow-green eyes, which tilted under high black brows that were arched penciled bows across his forehead.
  • fete Here stood the turnstile to which the street owed its name; it was not removed till 1823, when the Municipality built a ballroom on the garden plot adjoining the Hotel de Ville, for the fete given in honor of the Duc d'Angouleme on his return from Spain.
  • fine If you're caught smoking on this premises, you'll be fined.
  • fond I have a fondness for sushi.
  • fondue One of my favorite desserts is fondue.
  • font She was reading a book on the beach and font a parasol.
  • footing She was stepping on eggshells and it made her footing precarious.
  • forte
  • fortunate
  • fortune She had the good fortune to get the job she wanted.
  • found
  • founder
  • fount The fountain was beautifully carved with a dragons head.
  • fun
  • fund A trust fund is a financial investment vehicle which typically holds the capital of a person, family, or organization.
  • futon I sleep on the futon in the living room.
  • future
  • routine She likes to keep her routine unchanged so that she can focus on her work.
  • stone I picked up a large stone from the ground.
  • tine Susan attracted some tines to her fishing line.
  • tone You should try to maintain a positive tone.
  • tonne
  • tun
  • tuna My aunt can cook tuna so well it's almost like fish.
  • tune I can never get that one tune out of my head.
  • tuner The car stereo needed a new tuner.
  • Feting
  • fortunes She had a string of good fortunes throughout her life.

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