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How to spell FOWAR correctly?

If you accidentally mistype "fowar", fear not! There are several plausible suggestions that can help you correct it. "Forward" is a common alternative, representing progress or direction. Other close options include "flower", a symbol of beauty or "fool", which can refer to a mistake. Let autocorrect aid you next time!

List of suggestions on how to spell fowar correctly

  • bower The couple sat together under a beautiful bower in the garden, enjoying the warm afternoon sun.
  • cower The little puppy would cower in fear whenever it heard loud noises.
  • dewar The dewar was either chilled or too hot for my taste.
  • dower The widow was entitled to a dower from her late husband's estate.
  • far He drove too far and wound up at the other end of the city.
  • fear She couldn't help but feel fear when she heard the loud thunder.
  • fewer I want to have fewer responsibilities so that I can focus on my personal growth.
  • flower I placed a colorful flower in my vase.
  • foal The mare just gave birth to a healthy foal yesterday.
  • foam I love taking bubble baths with lots of foam.
  • FOOBAR There was a terrible FOOBAR at the airport.
  • Fora I enjoy participating in online fora where I can discuss various topics with others who share similar interests.
  • foray She decided to make a foray into the world of cooking by trying a new recipe.
  • forward She always tries to move forward in life.
  • four
  • fowl I raised a flock of fowl on my farm.
  • fowler The fowler spent hours in the marshes, trying to catch ducks.
  • foyer The foyer is a formal reception area near the entrance of a building.
  • friar I saw a friar in the park.
  • iowa Iowa is a US state in the midwestern region of the United States.
  • lower
  • mower I need to fix my lawn mower before I can mow the grass.
  • Noway Don't you dare say "noway" to me!
  • power Electricity is a source of power that we use daily.
  • rower The rower trained every morning to prepare for the regatta.
  • sower The sower planted the seeds in neat and even rows.
  • tower On the top of the tower, there was a telescope.
  • war The war lasted for several years and left behind a trail of destruction.

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