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How to spell FRASING correctly?

If you've inadvertently misspelled "frasing", worry not, as there are several correct alternatives to consider. You could use "phrasing" instead, indicating the art of expressing or wording something. Alternatively, "raising" could work, referring to the act of bringing up or nurturing. Always double-check your spelling to ensure clarity in your communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell frasing correctly

  • Arising Arising early in the morning, the farmer fed his animals before starting work in the fields.
  • bracing The bracing wind made it difficult to walk, but it was refreshing at the same time.
  • braising I am braising the short ribs for several hours to make them tender and flavorful.
  • Brazing Brazing is a process that joins two metal pieces together using heat and a filler metal.
  • Crazing The crazing on the antique vase gave it a unique and charming appearance.
  • Creasing She carefully ironed out the creasing in her shirt before leaving the house.
  • Erasing Erasing mistakes is an important task while writing a paper.
  • facing She was facing a difficult decision about whether to quit her job or not.
  • Faring I wonder how our competitors are faring in the market.
  • faxing I will be faxing the documents to the office.
  • fazing The loud noise didn't seem to be fazing the construction workers.
  • Fearing
  • foraging The fox was foraging for food in the nearby forest.
  • framing The framing of the story affected how I felt about it.
  • Fraying The edges of my shirt were fraying and I knew I needed to get it fixed.
  • Freaking I'm not sure how you opened that freakin' can, it's not like there's a freaking can opener on the
  • freeing Going for a long run in the park always has a freeing effect on my mind and body.
  • frisking The security guard performed a thorough frisking on the suspect before allowing him to enter the building.
  • frosting I'm going to put frosting on the homemade cake.
  • frying I hate frying because it makes the house smell like grease.
  • Fusing Fusing metal parts at high temperatures is a common method in manufacturing.
  • Fussing Stop fussing over the decorations, they look great!
  • Gracing The beautiful swans were gracing the pond with their elegant movements.
  • Grassing I need to get some good grassing done this weekend.
  • grazing
  • Greasing I'll be greasing the hinges on the squeaky door.
  • Phasing During the Phasing experiment, the scientists were able to create two separate universes.
  • phrasing His phrasing of the speech was impeccable.
  • praising I'm praising God for this great day.
  • racing
  • raising She is raising money for the charity with her bake sale.
  • razing During the urban renewal movement, historic buildings were often demolished by razing in order to make way for modern development.
  • rising The sun was rising over the horizon as we set sail on our adventure.
  • tracing I am tracing the outline of my hand onto the paper.

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