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How to spell FREAR correctly?

If you meant to type "frear" but made a spelling error, there are a few correct suggestions to consider. It's possible that you wanted to write "fear", meaning an emotion of being scared or anxious. Alternatively, if you intended to say "clear", indicating something transparent or evident, that could be another option to correct the misspelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell frear correctly

  • drear The grey sky and falling rain made the day feel drear and melancholy.
  • far He was far away from home.
  • fear I fear that I may not be able to complete my work on time.
  • Fears My fears of failure often hold me back from trying new things.
  • Fer
  • firearm He pointed the firearm at the intruder to protect his family.
  • Firer Sam was the firer for the cooking show.
  • forbear I will forbear from commenting further on the issue.
  • forearm I fractured my left forearm in a fall.
  • FRAG The soldiers carefully packaged the frag grenades before heading out on their mission.
  • Fran Fran is my neighbor who always makes the best homemade cookies.
  • frat I chose to attend a university without a strong frat culture.
  • frau The frau who owns the bakery makes the best pretzels in town.
  • fray The seam of the shirt began to fray after being washed too many times.
  • freak Don't freak out, it's just a spider.
  • freaky The horror movie was so freaky that I had nightmares for weeks.
  • Fred Fred enjoys playing tennis in his spare time.
  • Freda Freda loved the park so much that she would often go there to walk and sketch.
  • free
  • Freer The Freer Gallery of Art is a museum in Washington, D.C. which features American art.
  • FREQ The frequency of the word "FREQ" in the passage is 17.
  • fret I'm not going to fret over what's already happened.
  • frey
  • freya Freya was the goddess of love, fertility, war and death in Norse mythology.
  • friar The friar frowned in frustration.
  • friars The friars walked silently through the monastery gardens, their brown robes rustling in the breeze.
  • friary The friary was a peaceful place where monks could dedicate themselves to prayer and contemplation.
  • fryer I used my new air fryer to make crispy chicken tenders for dinner.
  • rear I saw smoke coming from the rear of the car.
  • roar

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