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How to spell FREDGE correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "fredge" instead of "fridge", don't worry; we all make typos! Here are some possible correct suggestions: fridge, bridge, fledge, hedge, fledge, dredge, fledged, lodged, fledgy or ledge. Whatever the context, make sure to double-check and choose the right word before moving on!

List of suggestions on how to spell fredge correctly

  • bridge
  • dredge The construction team used a dredge to remove silt and debris from the riverbed.
  • drudge
  • Fred Fred is planning to take a day off from work.
  • Freda
  • Freddie Freddie is a really friendly dog.
  • Freddy I'm Freddy, and I love to eat pizza.
  • free I have tickets for the free show.
  • freeze I left my ice cream out of the freezer for too long, and now it's starting to freeze up.
  • fridge I need to go to the grocery store to restock the fridge.
  • fridges I need to clean out the fridges before I can put new food in them.
  • fringe Fringe theaters are a great place to see new and experimental plays.
  • fudge I love to eat fudge during the holiday season.
  • grudge I have a grudge against my brother for telling a joke that I found unfunny.
  • ridge The hiker climbed to the top of the ridge to get a better view of the valley.
  • trudge The hikers had to trudge through the thick mud to reach the summit.

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