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How to spell FRIEAR correctly?

If "friear" is intended to be "friar", some suggestions are: "friars", "frier", "fryer", "friars" or "friery". If "friear" is intended to represent a different word, the correct spelling depends on the intended meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell friear correctly

  • brier He walked through the brier patch and got scratched on his arms and legs.
  • crier
  • drear The gray skies and constant rain made the town feel drear and depressing.
  • drier I need to buy a new drier for my clothes because the old one keeps shrinking all my shirts.
  • fear
  • flier I grabbed a flier for the upcoming concert as I walked by the bulletin board.
  • forbear I ask that you forbear from making any loud noises while I try to take a nap.
  • freak I am a freak when it comes to organization; everything has to be precisely in its place.
  • Freer
  • friar He wore a friar's dress.
  • friars The friars were very busy.
  • friary The old friary was now being used as a retreat center.
  • friday I'm so excited for Friday because it's the start of my weekend!
  • fried I ate some fried chicken for lunch.
  • Frieda
  • fries I would like to order a large serving of fries with my burger.
  • frieze A frieze is a long strip of artwork that extends along a wall or ceiling.
  • fryer The fryer in the kitchen is used for making fried chicken.
  • Prier I always forget to prier before eating my meals.
  • rear I saw a deer in my rear view mirror while driving in the countryside.
  • trier I tried the cheese trier at the market.

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