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How to spell FRIGER correctly?

If you meant to say "fridge" but misspelled it as "friger", fret not, there are suggested corrections! The correct spelling should be "fridge" or "refrigerator". These common alternatives will ensure your message is accurately understood. Double-check your spelling to avoid any further confusion!

List of suggestions on how to spell friger correctly

  • FAIRER I wish the distribution of resources was fairer for all members of the community.
  • Firer The firer aimed carefully before pulling the trigger.
  • Forager
  • forger The forger was arrested for attempting to reproduce a valuable painting.
  • frailer As we grow older, we become frailer and more vulnerable to disease.
  • Freer My new job offers a freer schedule, allowing me to pursue my hobbies on the weekends.
  • friar The friar at the monastery welcomed us warmly and showed us around the grounds.
  • fridge I want to put a milk in the fridge.
  • fridges I need to clean both of my fridges before I can restock them with groceries.
  • fried
  • fries I love fries with my beef sandwich.
  • FRIG I need to frig the temperature of the air conditioner before I start working.
  • frigga
  • frigid I feel so frigid after standing in the cold for so long.
  • fringe The fringe of the tree branch was brushing against his hand.
  • fritter She decided to fritter away her entire afternoon watching TV instead of doing something productive.
  • fryer The fryer in the kitchen made the chicken wings crispy and delicious.
  • rigger The rigger carefully assembled the complicated rigging system for the stage production.
  • rigor In law, the greater rigor is of the code of Engalnd, which is harsher than the code of France.
  • Roger He is a proud Roger.
  • trigger The loud noise of the car backfiring was enough to trigger the soldier's PTSD.

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