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How to spell FRIOM correctly?

"Friom" is likely a misspelling of the word "from". To correct this error, one could suggest that the writer double-check their spelling before submitting their work. Another suggestion could be to use spell-check software or online tools to catch errors like this.

List of suggestions on how to spell friom correctly

  • brim The cup was full to the brim with tea.
  • broom
  • film I love to watch a good film with my friends.
  • firm My boss was both gentle and firm with me when I made a mistake.
  • Freon Freon is a refrigerant that is commonly used in air conditioning systems.
  • fri I ate a fri sandwich.
  • friar She wore a friar's robes.
  • fried
  • fries I'm having fries with my chicken burger.
  • FRIG I must have left the oven on, because the kitchen smelled like a Frig factory.
  • frill
  • Frito
  • frizz After being out in the rain, my hair began to frizz.
  • Fro
  • frog In the frog pond, I saw a frog that was so big its head hit the water.
  • From From the top of the mountain, you can see the entire valley.
  • FROMM I cannot FROMM this piece of paper.
  • grim He gave her a look that made her ft grim.
  • grimm The Grim Reaper is known for being grimm.
  • groom The groom was sweating bullets as he awaited the bride's arrival.
  • priam
  • prim At her prim prom, she wanted to look her best.
  • prom
  • rim A bolt cut through the metal rim of the pot, piercing my hand.
  • rom
  • room I have a big room to myself.
  • trim She decided to trim her hair to shoulder length.

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