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How to spell FRIVE correctly?

The correct spelling for "frive" could be "drive" or "five". These are the most common words that are likely to be misspelled as "frive" due to their similarity in pronunciation. Double-checking the spelling and using a spell-check tool could help avoid such errors in the future.

List of suggestions on how to spell frive correctly

  • arrive
  • brave
  • breve He was a breve man; he only had a few minutes left on his timer.
  • crave I crave the feeling of his arms around me.
  • derive I derive great satisfaction from completing these tasks.
  • drive
  • driver The driver of the truck was able to deliver the goods on time.
  • drove She drove the car to the grocery store.
  • FAVE
  • fife I loved playing the fife in the marching band.
  • fire The fire department rushed to the burning building.
  • five
  • fiver I only have a fiver for the bus fare.
  • forgive It can be hard to forgive someone, but it is worth it for your own peace of mind.
  • frame I need to buy a new picture frame for my favorite photo.
  • free The free trial is only for a limited time.
  • fri
  • friar The friar at the monastery was renowned for his wisdom and spiritual guidance.
  • fridge Can you please put the leftover pizza in the fridge?
  • fried Christopher's mom is really good at making fried chicken.
  • fries
  • frieze The frieze was decorated with a series of paintings of classical gods and goddesses.
  • FRIG The frig was so full that I couldn't find anything to eat.
  • frill She wore a frill shirtdress to the party.
  • fringe
  • Frito The Frito pie is one of my favorite meals.
  • frizz After she took off her hat, her hair began to frizz up in the humid air.
  • Froze I froze when I saw a spider crawling towards me.
  • frye
  • furtive The thief made a furtive attempt to steal the diamond necklace from the jewelry store.
  • grave His grave is in the cemetery.
  • grieve It's okay to take time to grieve after a significant loss.
  • grove The large oak tree in the grove provided shade on a hot day.
  • privy
  • prove She had to prove her theory with concrete evidence.
  • rave A rave is a large and popular dance party where people dance to electronic music.
  • rife Misinformation and fake news are rife in the age of social media.
  • RIV
  • rive The rushing water began to rive the once peaceful stream.
  • river The river flowed fast and blue.
  • rove The tribe would often rove across the grassy plains in search of new hunting grounds.
  • shrive The priest offered to shrive the penitent before the Holy Communion.
  • thrive Despite facing numerous challenges, the small business was able to thrive and expand its operations.
  • trove An old trove of coins was found buried in the mound.

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