How to spell FRORT correctly?

We think the word frort is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell frort correctly

  • ferret With his lively eye and ready ear listening to everything and noting it, gliding everywhere with his ferret-like air, Massot was not there in the capacity of a gallery man, but had simply scented a stormy debate, and come to see if he could not pick up material for some occasional "copy."
  • floret In grasses, each floret (flower) is enclosed in a pair of papery bracts, called the lemma (lower bract) and palea (upper bract), while each spikelet (group of florets) has a further pair of bracts at its base called glumes.
  • font Commandant au pais des Illinois pour S. M. T. C. au sujet de la guerre que Les Indiens font aux Anglois.
  • foot Captain Lige listened, and he shifted from one foot to the other, and rubbed his hands, which were red.
  • ford "No, that's Great Hedge," answered Grandpa Ford.
  • fore Jack's principal punishment, however, was to be taken in front of the cage in which a panther belonging to me was placed, in the fore part of the deck.
  • fort Bob MacNair knew of the fort, and the rifles, and the whiskey.
  • forte But Spriggins's peculiar forte is that kind of talk which some people irreverently call "bosh."
  • forty He's forty and she's twenty.
  • frat And shes not even half done: Before the end of Rainbow, the singer formerly known as K-Money will have sauntered her way through train-chugging, Johnny Cash-via-Kacey Musgraves country ("Hunt You Down"), schlocky frat rock ("Boogie Feet") and quirky singer-songwriter parables ("Godzilla").
  • fret Her uncle bade her an affectionate good-by, telling her not to fret or worry about anything, but to take matters easily, trusting in Providence, and her uncles as His instruments.
  • fright She is like a deaf and dumb person, who by a sudden fright is restored to speech and hearing.
  • frog Now, Ferdinand Frog loved to sing at night.
  • frond Later Bob, Teddy, their dancing teacher Shelly and her son Flips Whitefudge do a hip hop dance in frond of the restaurant as a present for Linda.
  • front I recovered my composure and stood in front of her.
  • frost Frank shook the frost off the saddles.
  • frosty The stars were clear, colored, and jewel-like, but not frosty.
  • froth A wall of clipped yews shuts it in, and the river slides past it silently without froth or haste, as though afraid that any sound it made would jar upon the drowsy quietness of the place.
  • fruit Margy was out of sight under the fruit stand after the little kitten.
  • fruity I had known the quarter for many years before it interested me. It was not until I was prowling around on a Fleet Street assignment that I learned to hate it. A murder had been committed over a cafe in Lupin Street; a popular murder, fruity, cleverly done, and with a sex interest.
  • furor Furor epilepticus was a medical term applied to the violence displayed during attacks of petit mal, a violence which was much greater than extreme anger, and under its influence the subject was capable of committing the most violent outrages, even murder, without being conscious of the act.
  • root Is "any root of bitterness growing up"?
  • rot "A purpose in sending me to prison, letting me rot all these years while-" "While I grew up.
  • rout "I shall guard her well," said Zibeline, "for she would be sure to be put to rout by your bayonets."
  • trot A ten minutes' trot brought him into their presence.
  • Fora Communal baths were also available in temples such as The Imperial Fora.
  • Fred Fred cried in alarm.
  • Fro There was nobody there, but they heard steps going to and fro in the room above.
  • From "Used to it from home-not?
  • Frito The Frito Bandito was the cartoon mascot for Fritos corn chips from 1967 to 1971.

List of 10 words made from the word frort

3 letter words made from frort:

oft, trf, orr, rot, tor, for.

4 letter words made from frort:

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