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How to spell FROUD correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "froud" instead of "fraud", don't worry! Autocorrect can be a helpful tool. It might suggest the correct spelling automatically, ensuring your message is clear and error-free. Similarly, if you're using a spell-checking feature, it will present "fraud" as a suitable alternative.

List of suggestions on how to spell froud correctly

  • crud
  • feud The feuding families finally ended their long-standing feud with a peace agreement.
  • fold I usually fold my laundry before putting it away.
  • fond I'm so fond of my dog that I refuse to get another one.
  • food I love trying new kinds of food from different cultures.
  • ford I'm going to drive my Ford Taurus to the store.
  • found I found my lost keys in the couch.
  • frau Frau Schmidt ist sehr froh, dass sie den neuen Job bekommen hat.
  • fraud The businessman was found guilty of committing fraud and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.
  • Frauds The police department is investigating a series of email frauds targeting senior citizens in the area.
  • Fred Fred is planning to go on a hiking trip this weekend.
  • freed The prisoner was freed after spending twenty years in jail.
  • freud Freud was a famous psychoanalyst who contributed significantly to the field of psychology.
  • fried
  • Fro I Fro expelled from the party for being a disruption.
  • frog The kids were fascinated by the green frog sitting by the pond.
  • From From the top of the mountain, the view was breathtaking.
  • frond
  • Fronde The Fronde is a historical period in France which started in 1647 and ended in 1652.
  • front I prefer to face the front of the bus.
  • frost Winter has arrived and with it the cold, crisp air filled with frost.
  • Fud
  • prod The teacher used a stick to prod the lazy student into action.
  • proud I'm proud of my success.
  • road I saw a beautiful sunset while driving down the winding road.
  • rod I have a rod for the dragon.
  • rood The cathedral is dominated by its huge rood screen.
  • rout The army's march through the enemy base was so successful that it ended in a complete rout.
  • shroud The shroud of mystery surrounded the disappearance of the famous writer.
  • Trod She trod carefully over the wet rocks to avoid slipping.

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