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How to spell FROWNY correctly?

If you ever find yourself misspelling "frowny", fret not! There are several correct alternatives that you can use: "frowning", "glum" or "sad-faced". Each of these words accurately conveys the meaning of a downward turned mouth or a pensive expression. Choose the option that perfectly suits your writing context.

List of suggestions on how to spell frowny correctly

  • brawny The brawny construction worker easily lifted the heavy beam.
  • brown My dog has a beautiful brown coat.
  • browne
  • crony The CEO's decision to hire his crony for a high-level position was met with criticism from the rest of the executive team.
  • crown She wore a beautiful crown on her head, encrusted with jewels.
  • drown I can't swim, so I'm afraid I'll drown.
  • Flown I have flown on over 100 flights in my lifetime.
  • Franny Franny was thrilled when she found out she had been accepted into her dream college.
  • frond
  • front I sat in the front of the classroom.
  • frothy The cappuccino has a frothy layer of milk foam on top.
  • frown Her frown was intense.
  • Frowned The woman frowned and pushed her way past the people.
  • frowns She frowns when she's unhappy.
  • frowzy She had a frowzy attitude.
  • grown My tomato plant has grown to be taller than me.
  • irony It is the ultimate irony that a plumber's house always has leaky pipes.
  • Ronny Ronny is going to be our new project manager.

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