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How to spell FRZ correctly?

If you're looking for proper alternatives to the misspelling "frz", consider the correct suggestions: "furze" (a type of shrub), "fizz" (referring to effervescence) or "frazzle" (meaning exhaustion). Improving your spelling one word at a time is a step towards better communication and understanding.

List of suggestions on how to spell frz correctly

  • BRZ The sports car enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the new BRZ model to be launched.
  • CRZ
  • FAZ
  • FEZ The old man wore a traditional robe and a fez on his head as he greeted us at the door.
  • FR
  • FR Z
  • FRA The FRA regulates the safety of railroads in the United States.
  • FRB FRB stands for "fast radio burst", which is a high-energy astrophysical phenomenon.
  • FRC The FRC is responsible for setting accounting standards in the UK.
  • FRD
  • FRF FRF is the currency code of the French franc.
  • FRG The FRG was the official name of West Germany during the Cold War era.
  • FRI
  • FRM
  • FRO
  • FRP The FRP board serves as a strong and durable building material.
  • FRQ The FRQ section of the exam had three parts and each part was worth ten points.
  • FRR
  • FRS
  • FRT
  • FRY I love to fry homemade french fries in my air fryer.

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