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How to spell FUARD correctly?

If you have accidentally misspelled "fuard", fear not! Some correct suggestions for the right term could be "guard", "award" or "forward". Double-check the context in which you encountered the word to pick the most suitable correction. It's always wise to proofread your work before finalizing it!

List of suggestions on how to spell fuard correctly

  • bard The bard's poetic words stirred the hearts of all who heard them.
  • card I always carry my credit card with me when I'm out shopping.
  • curd I have a very sour taste in my mouth and I'm sure it's from the curd I ate for breakfast.
  • fad Wearing sunglasses indoors was a fad that quickly passed.
  • fahd Fahd was the president of Saudi Arabia from 1982-2006.
  • far She loved travelling to far-off places.
  • farad The capacitor in this circuit has a capacitance of one farad.
  • fare My parents' train fare was too expensive for them to come visit me this weekend.
  • Fared He fared better than expected on his midterm exams.
  • farm I'm going to the farm to get some eggs.
  • faro The lighthouse or faro in the harbor guided the ships safely into the port.
  • fear
  • Feared The victim feared for her safety and called for help.
  • fjord
  • ford I drove my ford explorer down the dirt road.
  • foulard She wore a light blue dress with a matching foulard around her neck.
  • fraud The bank was caught committing fraud.
  • Fud Fud is the brown viscous substance that is usually found in milk.
  • fumed She fumed silently as he continued to speak, not listening to a single word he was saying.
  • fund She had been saving up money to buy a car fund.
  • fur
  • furl I am not sure how to put this tarp on the furl-n-pack frame.
  • FURN
  • furred The cat's furred coat was soft and shiny.
  • furs She had an impressive collection of furs in her closet.
  • fury The fury in her eyes was undeniable as she confronted her ex-boyfriend about lying to her.
  • fused The two metals were fused together creating a strong bond.
  • guard I am going to the guard station to get my identification card.
  • hard I hit the ball so hard that it went into the net.
  • Kurd
  • lard He added a dollop of lard to the frying pan before cooking the bacon.
  • quad My roommate's quad bike is really cool.
  • ward The patient is being treated in the hospital's emergency ward.
  • yard I have to rake up all the leaves on the yard before the snow falls.

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