How to spell FULYY correctly?

We think the word fulyy is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell fulyy correctly

  • duly Dad has gone out there to see it, so-Yes, I'll lunch with you and be duly grateful."
  • fall The difference would be that this fall must be his last.
  • faulty When these conditions are present and a faulty method of standing and walking is adopted, the undue strain to which the tendons and ligaments are exposed results in their being stretched; the bones are altered in position, and flat-foot results.
  • fell Peace had returned to me and I fell asleep.
  • file But a hundred paces further on they saw two more, and then there suddenly appeared a long file of crosses bearing lions.
  • fill Say the word, and I'll fill in your name and mine!
  • filly Would you sell the filly?
  • filmy It was Eva in a filmy dressing-gown.
  • fl I saw a girl with flaming red hair.
  • flaw
  • flay The victim was ruthlessly flayed alive.
  • flea The flea jumped onto Cindy's leg.
  • flee If your escape plan is anything like mom's, you'll be fleeing the scene in a hurry!
  • floe
  • flow If you want to feel alive, flow with the rhythm of the music.
  • flu
  • flue
  • fluky
  • fly Sentences containing "fly" typically involve some form of transportation, such as a plane or helicopter.
  • folly
  • foul
  • foully The foul smell made her want to vomit.
  • fuel
  • full
  • fuller
  • fully He fully understood what she was saying.
  • furl
  • fury I felt fury boil inside of me when I heard the news.
  • july
  • Flew
  • Flo My grandma's house is on Flo Bay.
  • Fumy I always get a bit fumy when I have to kiss someone I don't like.
  • Farley I met Farley at the party.
  • FILO I ate a piece of filo dough for breakfast.
  • FOL FOLks on the low end of the economic spectrum are more likely to be uninsured.
  • FLA
  • FOLL
  • flyby A flyby is a close pass by a spacecraft.
  • Foley Foley was the assistant district attorney who prosecuted the case.
  • fulls My mom always fills up my tub with fulls of water.

Misspelling of the day


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  • airedale
  • alertly
  • allegedly
  • already
  • aridly
  • assuredly
  • elatedly
  • luridly