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How to spell FUNDET correctly?

If you've misspelled "fundet", fret not! The correct suggestions for this word could be "funded", "founder" or "funded". Depending on the context, any of these options could fit the bill and help you convey your message accurately. Always double-check your spelling before hitting that send button!

List of suggestions on how to spell fundet correctly

  • Fended She fended off her attacker with a can of pepper spray.
  • fender
  • finder A metal detector finder located the buried treasure in the field.
  • fonder As time goes by, I find myself growing fonder of my old hometown.
  • fondest My fondest childhood memory is of spending summers at my grandparent's house.
  • founded
  • founder The founder of the company had a brilliant idea that changed the industry.
  • fund The organization was able to raise enough fund to build a new facility for the disadvantaged youth.
  • funded
  • funds The nonprofit organization is raising funds to support its mission.
  • funked I'd offer to help with the project, but I'm really funked from staying up all night.
  • pundit The political pundit made bold predictions about the upcoming election.

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