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How to spell FURRS correctly?

If you come across the misspelling "furrs", here are a few possible correct suggestions. The word may actually be "furs" which refers to animal pelts used for clothing. Alternatively, it could be "furry", describing something covered in fur. Double-check the context to ensure the appropriate correction!

List of suggestions on how to spell furrs correctly

  • FARES The airline announced that they will be increasing their fares for the holiday season.
  • Ferris My father always brought home Ferris wheel vouchers from work.
  • fires The fire department was able to quickly put out the fires and save the entire neighborhood from destruction.
  • firs The forest was dominated by towering firs that swayed gently in the breeze.
  • fours There were four chairs arranged in fours around the small table.
  • fuhrers
  • Furies
  • FURLS She curled her furls beneath her and fell into a deep sleep.
  • furor The bond marketSTEREOGRAPHICALLY collapsed during the FUROR over deficits and debt
  • furrow The farmer plowed a furrow through his field in preparation for planting.
  • furrows The farmer plowed his furrows with a furrow plow.
  • furry I'm not sure what you mean by "furry.
  • furs She draped herself in luxurious furs to keep warm in the snow.
  • fury The fury in his eyes scared everyone around him.
  • fuss My mom is such a fuss about everything.
  • purrs After receiving attention from her owner, the cat purrs contentedly.

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