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How to spell FURTY correctly?

If you meant to type "furty" but it was a misspelling, fret not! Possible correct suggestions could include "furry", referring to something covered in or resembling fur. Additionally, "fury" represents intense anger or rage, while "forty" refers to the number between thirty-nine and forty-one. Choose the correct word based on context!

List of suggestions on how to spell furty correctly

  • arty She's an arty person who loves creating unique pieces of art.
  • burt I have a new friend I met at the bar who's name is Burt.
  • curt He gave a curt nod to show he was listening.
  • duty
  • fatty The fatty Choice burger is my favorite!
  • faulty The company had to recall all of their products due to a faulty safety mechanism.
  • fifty She's on a fifty-dollar diet.
  • flirty She had a flirty smile and twirled her hair around her finger.
  • Footy I love playing footy with my friends on the weekend.
  • fort The soldiers built a fort on top of the hill for protection.
  • forte After his victory at the opera, he thanked his forte, his beautiful opera voice.
  • FORTS The soldiers built several forts around the perimeter of the camp to protect themselves from potential attacks.
  • forty I'm forty years old and I'm starting to feel a little bit old.
  • fourth I finished the fourth book in the series last night.
  • fray The ends of the fabric were beginning to fray after multiple washes.
  • frey
  • fruity This smoothie is fruity and refreshing.
  • fry I decided to fry some eggs for breakfast.
  • Fumy The smell of fumy gas is unpleasant.
  • fur I don't want to be wearing a fur coat in this heat.
  • furl Gene furl the flag in the wind.
  • FURN
  • furry The furry kitten chased after the ball of yarn.
  • furs My mom loves to wear furs every winter.
  • fury The fury in his eyes startled her.
  • fusty Fusty old man smell terrible.
  • FUT Eugenie's latest fashion trends are sure to get you FUT.
  • futz I don't have time to futz around with this new software.
  • hurt I accidentally hurt my sister's feelings when I didn't show up to her graduation.
  • Kurt Kurt is a great cook, and he makes the best homemade pasta I've ever tasted.
  • Turfy The turfy field was perfect for a game of soccer.
  • yurt The nomads set up their yurt every summer in the highlands.

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