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How to spell FUTRE correctly?

If you unintentionally misspell "futre", fret not! The correct spelling is "future". It's a common error, so don't feel embarrassed. Embrace the marvelous world of possibilities that lie ahead, and remember to proofread before clicking that submit button. Let's step into the bright future, one correctly spelled word at a time!

List of suggestions on how to spell futre correctly

  • fare The restaurant's fare was excellent, and we enjoyed a delicious meal.
  • fate
  • fete The charity fete raised thousands of dollars for the local animal shelter.
  • fibre I try to eat foods that are high in fibre because it helps to keep me full longer.
  • fire The firefighters worked tirelessly to put out the raging fire.
  • flare The sudden flare of flames illuminated the dark night sky.
  • fore I aimed for the fore of the ship as I launched myself into the cold water.
  • fuhrer
  • furred The soft furred kittens played together on the rug.
  • furry The furry cat curled up beside me and fell asleep.
  • fury Her fury was evident as she slammed the door shut.
  • FUT
  • futile Trying to solve a problem without proper knowledge or resources can be a futile effort.
  • futon I'm going to bed, I need to relax my body with a futon.
  • future
  • futures Investing in futures is a common way to speculate on the price movements of commodities such as oil, gold, and wheat.
  • futz I can't believe she said that, she's such a futz.
  • litre I need to buy a litre of milk for the recipe.
  • metre The metre is one thousandth of a kilometre.
  • mitre The bishop wore a tall mitre adorned with gold embroidery during the mass.
  • nitre She ate a piece of cake that had been sprinkled with nitre.
  • outre Her outre fashion sense always stood out in a crowd.
  • suture

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