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How to spell FUTUE correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "futue" instead of "future", fret not! Autocorrect can easily fix this error. With just a single tap, your device will recognize the intended word and rectify the spelling mistake. Embrace the wonders of technology that save us from minor mishaps like this!

List of suggestions on how to spell futue correctly

  • cute The puppy is so cute with its big, floppy ears and wagging tail.
  • fate Some people believe that fate determines the course of their lives.
  • fete The school is hosting a fete to raise funds for playground equipment.
  • fetus The ultrasound revealed that the fetus was growing healthy and strong.
  • flue The flue of the fireplace was blocked, causing smoke to fill the room.
  • flute
  • fugue The musician played a breathtaking fugue on the organ.
  • fume I could smell the fume of rotten eggs coming from the kitchen.
  • fuse The fuse in the electrical circuit blew out due to a power surge.
  • FUT
  • futile Attempting to change my sister's mind is a futile effort.
  • futon I was going to bed, but I was so tired from working, I decided to take a quick nap on the futon
  • future I have a future in the food industry.
  • futz Do you have a futz about that?
  • Hutu The Hutu and Tutsi tribes had a long-standing conflict that resulted in the Rwandan genocide.
  • jute She was wearing a jute print dress.
  • lute Instrumental music is usually played on a lute.
  • mute She had to remain mute during the interrogation so as not to incriminate herself.
  • Tue I can see you if you want to talk, Tue.
  • tutu The ballerina twirled in her frilly pink tutu.
  • ute She drove an ancient ute.

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