How to spell GAGAS correctly?

We think the word gagas is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell gagas correctly

  • gag I'd sooner gag you than not, if you give me another chance."
  • gaga She's sooo gaga over him!
  • gage The reaper took my father's soul with one quick gage.
  • ganges
  • gas The smell of gas is awful.
  • gauss A gauss magnet can exert a very strong force.
  • gorgas Igor Gorgas was a Cuban doctor who helped to eradicate yellow fever from the island.
  • vargas
  • Sagas The sagas are a rich source of mythology.
  • Gaza The Gaza Strip is located in central-eastern Israel.
  • Gays Gay marriage is an important civil rights issue.
  • bags My bags are packed.
  • gaps The gaps in my memory make the past feel like a dream.
  • gauges Victoria's Secret seems to have gotten a little gauged in their sizing lately.
  • wags
  • ages She is sixty-one years old.
  • nags Nagging is a trait some people cannot live without.
  • tags I need to get some tags for my new book.
  • gorges I was so excited to explore the gorge, but I was disappointed in the lack of views.
  • jaguars The jaguars are one of the coolest animals in the jungle.
  • guavas
  • gouges She gouges out the eye of the snake with her knife.
  • sags
  • gawks
  • gabs She had the knack for gabs.
  • kegs There are six kegs of beer in the fridge.
  • cages In the cages, the animals could be seen moving and jumping around.
  • jogs
  • rags
  • lags
  • GALS
  • HAGS I am going to hags my foot off.
  • GADS I forgot my GADS Badge!
  • GARS I'm not sure if I'm ready for GARS yet.
  • MAGS I brought my M4s in anticipation of the zombie apocalypse.
  • COGS
  • JAGS The Jefferson Airplane played Jags at the Fillmore Auditorium.
  • FAGS Everyone knows that Fags are the worst thing in the world.
  • DAGS I brought a bag of DAGS with me.
  • GAGS I can't believe you just GAGS on me!
  • GIGS
  • JIGS I always have to make sure I don't put my foot in my mouth with Jiggs.
  • gewgaws I don't care for her jewelry - it's just gewgaws.
  • ragas Ragas are classical melodies in Indian classical music.
  • cacaos
  • cadges I picked up a few Cadges at the store.
  • gangs Gangs of teenagers roam the streets at night.
  • gammas I am feeling so much better since I finished my gamma radiation treatment.

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