How to spell GAIDE correctly?

We think the word gaide is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell gaide correctly

  • aid She was coming up rapidly, land was a long way off, and it would be many hours before darkness came to their aid.
  • aide "Go to my aide-de-camp, Major Natzmer," said the king to him.
  • cad "Do you mean, Miss Cullen," I cried hotly, "that he's been cad enough to force his attentions upon you by threats?"
  • caddie There were girls upon girls with eyes as black, cheeks as like hers as fruit ripened on the same bough, hair as thick and lustrous-yet at the sound of Caddie Sills's bare footfall eyes shifted and glowed, and in the imaginations of these men the women of their choice grew pale as the ashes that fringe a fallen fire.
  • gad Good gad, but they're shooting!
  • gaiety There was a gaiety in her eyes that made me smile.
  • gait I believe that the gait of the birds is something to be admired.
  • gaiter She was wearing a bright red gaiter.
  • gander I see a gander on the hill.
  • garden My garden is one of my favorite places to be.
  • gate I left my keys at the gate.
  • gaudy I don't think this dress is very gaudy.
  • gd I have a genetics test tomorrow, I'm so excited!
  • geode Barnes found a small geode on the walkway.
  • giddy
  • gird She girded her loins for the fight.
  • girder The building was constructed with girders.
  • glade
  • glide The sun was setting and the light glided across the sky.
  • glider My parents bought me my first glider for my birthday.
  • goad He goaded her into coming out with him.
  • grade
  • grid I have a grid in my room to keep my belongings in place.
  • guard
  • guide I would like to hire a guide to show me around town.
  • guided
  • jade
  • kid I need to talk to my kid about how to behave in public.
  • Gadded She had her hair balled up in a giant Gadded.
  • Gadder
  • Gained The party gained much knowledge from their exploration.
  • Gamed Gamers play video games for entertainment.
  • Gaped The fish gaped as the shark twirled around it.
  • Gated This community is gated.
  • Gazed She gazed at the oil painting of a field of purple wildflowers.
  • Ged My head is spinning from all the Geds I've had this evening.
  • Geed I think Geed slipped and fell in the mud.
  • Gide During the 1930s and 1940s, Jean-Paul Gide was one of the most popular French intellectuals.
  • Git If you have a git repository, you can use the command git pull to get the latest changes from the upstream repository.
  • Gite The gite boasts an outdoor pool, hot tub and Tennis court.
  • Guarder
  • Guider
  • Katie
  • Sadie Sadie is sad because she doesn't have a brother or sister.
  • guides She always takes a guide with her on hikes.
  • GTE
  • GADS I forget what gads you're talking about.
  • GAWD God Almighty is amazing.
  • gaudier She wore a gaudier dress to match her gaudy personality.
  • god Such a sad world without a god.

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