Correct spelling for GALLOR

We think the word gallor is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for gallor

  • allow "You shall know in a moment; but, first, allow me to sit.
  • alloy She did not leave a land of much delight, But one of toil and grief and evil blight So plenteous, that all which men can hold Of their so transitory blessings, gold, Must lose its value through this base alloy, This knowledge of the grief that follows joy.
  • call Shall I call Nancy to see you, miss?"
  • calla I pay him thirty dolla a week to eat his head off and all the time calla dat girl of his!
  • caller There's no tellin' what the Studio'll have next-maybe a sidewalk canopy and a carriage caller.
  • callow Subsequently detailing his experiences at Dibrugarh in Assam, he adds:-"On the 27th May I found a nest with three callow young and one fresh egg.
  • color Slummers, for the first time in his life, changed color and hesitated.
  • gael For one thing she must draw Prosper Gael completely out of Betty's life.
  • gaily I've got him into an ambitious spirit that means everything, if there is enough fuel at the beginning to keep it alight until it is a glowing pile quite capable of burning gaily alone."
  • gal They told me about you up North, and I said to myself, 'If I git to Jenny Long, an' tell her about my friend at Bindon, an' my little gal, she'll take me down to Bindon in time.
  • gala Men and women in gala day attire all laughing and talking expectantly and looking at one another as the carriages passed with a degree of familiar curiosity which betokens a common errand.
  • gale A howling south-wester on the English coast would be looked upon here as a moderate gale.
  • gall I'm stifling in gall!
  • galled Walking was painful for the first hour after they started again at dawn, but by and by his galled foot troubled him less, and he doggedly followed the Indian up and down deep ravines and over rough stony slopes.
  • galleon As usual, the room was full of guests, but after dinner my host found an opportunity to invite me into his office for a short time, when I learned that the important news referred to in his note of invitation consisted simply of some intelligence, gleaned from the Spanish documents taken by me out of the wreck of the Magdalena, confirming Hoard's story of the galleon.
  • gallery At each corner of the hall is a staircase, leading to a gallery, 2 ft.
  • galley At the first volley, Ma Brooks and her daughters dashed into the galley and slammed the door.
  • gallic Despite Beverley's cleverness in using the French language, he had a decided brusqueness of manner and a curt turn of voice not in the least Gallic.
  • gallon To each gallon of juice add 1 gallon of soft water, in which 7 lbs.
  • gallop His command had thus lost heavily, and at last overwhelming numbers drove them back at a gallop.
  • gallows I'd have given a good deal if that fellow Schmall had saved his neck for the gallows!
  • gallup Let her go, Gallup!
  • galoot Swells will pal in most anywhere now on the chance of a gratis Big Shoot, And there wos some Swells with hus, I tell yer, I felt on the good gay galoot, But I fancy I got jest a morsel screwdnoodleous late in the day, For I peppered a bloke in the breeks; he swore bad, but 'twas only his play.
  • galore Some of those caves across the Mexican border were miles in extent, and had exits galore.
  • gaul But what in reality was the authority of the Ard-Righ in Ireland, of the Penteyrn in Britain, of the supreme chief in Gaul, whose name, as usual, is not mentioned by Caesar?
  • gill It boasts of banks, a newspaper, several churches, and the Gill College,-an imposing edifice which was erected by private endowment.
  • glow She felt a sudden warm glow of pride, and her eyes grew very soft as she watched him.
  • gull To picture the real Falstaff befooled like the Falstaff of the Merry Wives is like imagining Iago the gull of Roderigo, or Becky Sharp the dupe of Amelia Osborne.
  • gully "There was a little, deep gully running at right angles to the creek, and right through the paddocks up to the house.
  • jello Bauhaus influenced Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra in the writing of that bands 1982 album Plastic Surgery Disasters.
  • pallor
  • valor
  • gator Alligator Alley" or " Gator Alley", the nickname of Florida Gymnasium, a building on the University of Florida campus that once was home to the school's men's and womens basketball teams
  • Gail I-I really want to go home, too, but somehow-I'm going to miss the hospital dreadfully, Gail.
  • Gayle Anonymously Yours is a documentary film by director Gayle Ferraro, released in 2002.
  • Carlo My first act was to cash the order; second to decide and prepare the character I wished to assume in Monte Carlo.
  • Gallo Francesco, the son of Giuliano da San Gallo, describes how Michelangelo was almost always at his father's house; and coming there one day, he went, at the architect's invitation, down to the ruins of the Palace of Titus.
  • galls Let stand 12 or 13 days and draw off; this, with the addition of 2 galls.
  • golly "Why, good golly, Mary V!
  • onery
  • mis-firing

41 words made from the letters gallor

3 letter words made from gallor:

all, gal, gar, lag, log, ago, ola, lao, goa, rag, oar.

5 letter words made from gallor:

algol, rallo, golar, rogal, golla, lalor, groll, ollar, rolag, rolla, largo, allor, goral, logar, grall.

4 letter words made from gallor:

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