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How to spell GALOP correctly?

Possible correct spelling suggestions for "galop" include "gallop", "gallup", "galloping", and "galopade". It's important to double-check the intended word's spelling to ensure that the correct term is being used, especially in professional or academic writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell galop correctly

  • alp The skiers were excited to hit the snowy alp in the Swiss Alps.
  • clop I was surprised to hear clop coming from the direction of the stables.
  • flop She worked hard on her new piece but it was a total flop.
  • gal My gal pals and I love to brunch together on the weekends.
  • gala It was the most glamorous gala the city had ever seen.
  • gale The gale howled across the sea.
  • gall After he had lost the game, he had the gall to blame his teammates for the defeat.
  • Gallo The Gallo grape is Italy's most popular table grape.
  • gallon
  • gallop
  • gallops The horse gallops through the field, its mane flying in the wind.
  • gallup I took the Gallup poll this morning.
  • galois Galois theory is an important branch of abstract algebra.
  • galoot I don't know what kind of a galoot you are, but I don't want to work with you.
  • galore The party was full of decorations and food galore.
  • galosh The galosh was a type of shoe that was very popular in the 18th century.
  • GALS I had a great time hanging out with my gals this weekend.
  • gap When I saw the hole in the fence, I knew there was a gap.
  • gasp I heard a loud gasp from the audience as the magician pulled a rabbit out of his hat.
  • gawp The child could do nothing but gawp in amazement at the incredible magic show.
  • glob The glob of mud landed on his shirt.
  • GLOP The glop blob made a big mess.
  • glow The room was filled with the glow of the fire.
  • goop I accidentally spilled goop on my shirt while working on my art project.
  • gop
  • gulp He took a huge gulp of water after running a marathon.
  • jalopy My grandfather used to drive around in his old jalopy, and it always seemed to break down whenever we were in a hurry.
  • lop I had to lop off a few branches to make room for the new growth.
  • plop I heard a plop as the stone fell into the water.
  • slop Mom left a load of slop in the sink.
  • wallop The storm came out of nowhere and wallop the town with powerful winds and heavy rain.

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