Correct spelling for GARANTEEING

We think the word garanteeing is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for garanteeing

  • Grating
  • They moved over near the grating and began whispering.

  • Grafting
  • And i know there's grafting and profiteering and high prices and rotten spots in the government, but why not?

  • Grunting
  • Steamboats grunting and snoring up stream!

  • Grantee
  • His assumption of the title was not under any claim he could have had, real or imaginary, connected with the rotherfield patent; for he uses the title at the same time with sir richard of rotherfield, whose will is dated 26th july, 1652, and not proved till 5th oct, 1652, when sir gregory was dead; and, what is singular, the will of sir richard was proved by his brother, john norton, by the style of baronet, to which he could have had no pretension, as sir richard died without male issue, and there was no limitation of the patent of 1622 on failure of heirs male of the body of the grantee.

  • Guaranteeing
  • This provision is contained in the great charters of both john and henry, and is second in importance only to the provision guaranteeing the trial by jury, of which it is really a part.

  • Guarantee
  • The proclamation set forth that the allies would never again treat with "napoleon bonaparte" or any member of his family; that they would respect the integrity of france as it existed under its lawful kings, and would recognize and guarantee the constitution which the french nation should adopt.

  • Grinding
  • Here was the secret of how pebbles and shingle and boulders were made, grinding one another smooth as were driven one over the other for hundreds and hundreds of years till they were as smooth as the rock upon which they beat.

  • Quarantine
  • Ranting
  • Grantees
  • But after he had expended several thousand dollars in improvements there, the title was found to be defective, and prior grantees secured the whole.

  • Guarantees
  • If, therefore, a jury should convict and sentence a man, either without giving him a legal trial, or for an act that was not really and legally criminal, the sentence itself would not be legal; and consequently this clause forbids the king to carry such a sentence into execution; for the clause guarantees that he will execute no judgment or sentence, except it be legale judicium, a legal sentence.

  • Garlanding
  • But every morn of woodbine fresh she made her garlanding, and every night the dark glen yew she wore; and she would sing, and with her fingers old and brown she plaited mats of rushes, and gave them to the cottagers she met among the bushes.

  • Garroting
  • It was essential that people should learn, and should learn for all time, that, in the mouths of the men of the past, that word order signifies false oaths, perjury, pillage of the public cash-box, civil war, courts-martial, confiscation, sequestration, deportation, transportation, proscription, fusillades, police, censorship, degradation of the army, disregard of the people, debasement of france, a dumb senate, the tribune overthrown, the press suppressed, a political guillotine, murder of liberty, garroting of the right, violation of laws, sovereignty of the sword, massacre, treason, ambuscades.

  • Warranting
  • Guaranteed
  • It was built in 1906 by the hoe company of new york and is guaranteed to print, count, fold, and stack into piles over 700,000 eight-page papers an hour."

  • Gyrating
  • Guarantying
  • Granting
  • But to reply in your own phraseology-that is no case in point; for granting that auguste's sister is nice, which i will not be so modest as to gainsay, monsieur de chavannes is not the least in love with her."

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