Correct spelling for GARBIGE

We think the word garbige is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for garbige

  • barge I hung about the barge all day as she drifted down the stream.
  • cabbage They don't look at women as respectfully as we do, and they mix up so much cabbage with their romance that you don't know exactly how to take them; and yet here you find this fellow suffering just as much as a white man because the girl's folks won't let her have him.
  • carbide 974-1. It shall be lawful to use acetylene gas in lamps in mines subject to the following conditions and restrictions: First, no person or persons shall take into a mine a greater quantity of calcium carbide than will be a reasonable supply for his own lamp for one day's work.
  • carbine Bentrik slid the transpex visor of his helmet up and down experimentally, checked the chambers of his pistol and carbine.
  • gable The highest and most enduring, seen from many quarters and at considerable distances, is a gable-like cairn on the summit of a hill.
  • gage Mother, I want you to tell them all not to talk to me-I mean Michael and Gage and Percival; I could not bear it.
  • garage He knew he had been flung into the garage and was resting there on the hard cement floor.
  • garb Philip Girard had been convicted of a great crime, and for five long years had worn a felon's garb, and borne the anguish of one set apart from all the world.
  • garbage And then there was the cat, too-not a black one with gold eyes, just one of the city's myriad of mackerel ones, with chewed ear and a skillful crouch for the leap from ash to garbage can.
  • garbed Through the nights of activity she was garbed in rich, warm brown.
  • garble
  • garbo
  • gasbag
  • gauge
  • gorge
  • grieg
  • Gabbier
  • garbs
  • gabbing
  • garbing
  • cordages We comprehend under this designation all the parts of vegetables or products of the vegetable kingdom, which are of sufficient interest to merit collection; such as vegetable fibre employed in the fabrication of tissues or cordages; natural tissues coming from the preparation of the bark of trees; paper, made directly from certain plants; starches, with the starch prepared at the place where the plant grows, tubercles root, branches and seeds from which it is extracted; gums, sugars, resins, vegetable wax, and other concrete sugars elaborated by vegetables; dye stuffs; besides, roots, barks, leaves or fruit, used either in medicine or the industrial arts.

113 words made from the letters garbige

5 letter words made from garbige:

birge, bagie, reggi, aegir, brage, garib, rgeig, bragi, iarge, grieg, begar, gargi, riage, bagge, aberg, bigga, grabe, rebag, eibar, gebir, berga, bigae, greig, bragg, graib, igber, bagre, braig, beria, gerba, baire, biega, grega, grieb, eggar, garbi, gerig, grage, barge, bager, brega, brieg, bagir, baier, begga, rabei, erbia, argei, briga, gaber, bigge.

3 letter words made from garbige:

egg, are, rig, age, gag, rag, erg, beg, geb, rbi, ear, iga, big, ige, era, gab, reb, bai, bar, gig, arb, ira, bag, ire, gar, air, bra, rib, igg, gib.

4 letter words made from garbige:

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