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How to spell GARGES correctly?

If you've misspelled "garges", fret not! Here are some possible corrections: "garages", "gargles" or "gorges". Remember to proofread your work or utilize spell-check, ensuring accurate spelling and effective communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell garges correctly

  • ages
  • argues He argues that we should abandon the project.
  • barges I saw a couple of barges down by the river.
  • cadges She always cadges my snacks at lunchtime.
  • cages Some animals are kept in cages.
  • Cargoes The port was filled with cargoes of all sizes and shapes waiting to be unloaded from the cargo ships.
  • gadgets I'm going to go look for my gadgets.
  • gage He used a gage to measure the thickness of the material.
  • gaggles The gaggles of geese were a beautiful sight.
  • GAGS I can't believe he just said GAGS!
  • ganges
  • gangs The gangs are fighting for control of the city.
  • garages They keep their cars in the garages.
  • gargle
  • gargles She gargles with salt water to clear her throat.
  • GARS Gars are large, predatory fish found in freshwater habitats of North and Central America.
  • gauge I need to use a gauge to measure the thickness of this wire.
  • gauges The mechanic used his gauges to measure the pressure in the car's tires.
  • Georges Georges, the waiter, is always upbeat and cheerful.
  • gorgas
  • gorge I hiked through the steep and rocky gorge, enjoying the stunning views of the cascading waterfalls.
  • gorges The gorges were deeply cut by the rushing river.
  • gouges The gouges in the wood revealed where he had been trying to pry the door open.
  • gurgles The frog gurgles.
  • larges
  • Rages The storm rages outside, but inside, we are safe and cozy.
  • sarges

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