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How to spell GAUZED correctly?

If you're referring to the misspelling "gauzed", there are a few suggestions for the correct spelling. One possibility is "gazed", which means to look at someone or something intently. Another option could be "gauged", which means to measure or estimate. Double-checking spelling can prevent confusion and ensure accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell gauzed correctly

  • Caused
  • dazed After the accident, the driver was left dazed and confused.
  • fazed I was surprised when she fazed me with heranswer.
  • gabbed I gabbed with the other guests after dinner.
  • Gadded Lieutenant General Gadded was the perfect candidate for the job.
  • Gaffed After drinking too much gaffed liquor, I passed out on the couch.
  • Gagged She was gagged with a piece of cloth and her hands were tied behind her back.
  • Gained He Gained Weight Over The Christmas Holidays.
  • galled She galled at his careless attitude.
  • Gamed
  • Gaped He gaped in astonishment at the sheer size of the skyscraper.
  • garbed Her outfit was garbed in a green dress with a white apron.
  • gashed The tree was gashed by the car as it careened off the road.
  • Gasped When the surprise party was revealed, she gasped in shock and delight.
  • Gassed The football players were exhausted and gassed after running drills for hours in the hot sun.
  • Gated The community was gated, allowing only residents and authorized visitors to enter.
  • Gauged The carpenter gauged the thickness of the wood before cutting it.
  • gauze The doctor covered the wound with a layer of gauze before bandaging it.
  • gauzier The gauzier fabric looked delicate and airy in the summer breeze.
  • gauzy I felt a little gauzy after the party.
  • gawked The tourists gawked in amazement at the towering skyscrapers in the city.
  • gaze As she looked out at the sunset, she couldn't help but gaze in wonder at the vibrant colors.
  • Gazed She gazed at the stars while lying on the grass.
  • Gazer I take great offense to being called a gazer.
  • gazes
  • glazed The donuts were freshly baked and glazed to perfection.
  • glued I was glued to the TV.
  • Gouged The mechanic gouged my wallet when he sold me a new part for twice its value.
  • grazed The cow grazed on the grassy field all morning.
  • Guyed The newly constructed tower had to be guyed to prevent it from swaying in the wind.
  • Hazed Someone was clearly hazed during Spring Break.
  • jazzed He was jazzed up after his first concert of the night.
  • Lazed After finishing my work, I lazed on the couch for hours.
  • Paused The song paused as the singer suffered a seizure.
  • razed
  • razzed The party was a total razzed with Vince's lame jokes.
  • Sauced The chef sauced the pasta with a delicious tomato sauce.

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