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How to spell GAZEING correctly?

The correct spelling for "gazeing" is "gazing". When encountering misspellings, it can help to use spellcheck or a dictionary to identify the correct spelling. Additionally, practicing spelling and reading can improve one's ability to catch and correct errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell gazeing correctly

  • Dazing She was dazing off during the lecture and missed most of the important points.
  • fazing
  • gabbing We were gabbing away like old friends until the subject of babies came up.
  • Gadding She spent the morning gadding about town, running errands and meeting friends.
  • Gaffing She was gaffing at me when she threw her drink in my face.
  • Gagging Flora was gagging from the smell of vomit.
  • Gaining I am gaining weight despite trying to lose weight.
  • galling The galling taste of bile in my throat made me gag.
  • gaming
  • gaping The patient had a gaping wound on his leg that required immediate medical attention.
  • garbing Garbing herself in a beautiful dress, she prepared to attend the gala.
  • Gashing My car was gashing through the snowdrifts.
  • gasping She came up for air, gasping and coughing.
  • gassing The government was accused of gassing its own citizens during the war.
  • gating The gating mechanism regulates the flow of traffic through the entrance.
  • Gauging We are going to take the temperature back down to the gauging point.
  • gawking I was gawking at the clowns when I saw the robber run past.
  • Gazetting The government announced that it would be gazetting a new law to better regulate the manufacturing and distribution of medicines.
  • Gazing The young couple was gazing at the stars in the sky, mesmerized by their beauty.
  • Geeing
  • Glazing The glazing on the pottery was done beautifully.
  • grazing I looked across the meadow and saw the cow grazing.
  • Hazing A hazing incident has recently occurred on campus.
  • jazzing I love jazzing up my salads with different kinds of toppings.
  • Lazing I will be lazing around the house all day today.
  • razing The city council approved the razing of the abandoned factory in order to make way for a new park.
  • razzing I went razzing on the internet all night.

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